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The Aegyl are an evolutionary quirk of their own, winged humanoid beings who in long ages past left the world of Ivalice in refusal to worship the Occuria and were sealed from the world and passed into legend and memory. When Larsa's folly unleashed the mist upon the world the barrier of the Occuria fell and the somnolence of their souls came to the end in what is remembered as the Sky Pirate invasion when the floating islands of their home became exposed once more to the world.

In appearance the Aegyl are tall slender people who resemble Humes except in one aspect the large, beautiful feathered wings upon their backs. Coming in a variety of colours these wings permit them to fly as they will through the skies of Ivalice. The price of flight reduces their life-span, most Aegyl only live for forty years due to the extra strain put upon their hearts by their wings.

Culture wise most Aegyl are vegetarians as well as having an attitude that can appear as cold and aloof with a lingering resentment toward people who live on the surface due to the atrocities committed by the sky-pirates who invaded their floating homes after the Occuria's barrier was dispelled. Aegyl are also a mostly emotionless people due to their long standing use of Auracite to summon forth creatures known as Yahri. For many centuries the Aegyl used this Auracite and in doing so lost their souls and emotions as they were draw into the world of illusion.

With their return into the cultures of the world and during the tumultuous invasion of the sky-pirates the entrapped anima of their species was released which in turn brought back emotion to a people unused to them. Time has passed since the advent of this return and though most Aegyl are now used to their emotions they still appear as an aloof and seemingly cold-people who can sometimes react with great care and love when at peace or sudden violent rage when provoked and their emotions get the better of them.

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Most of the Aegyl have beautiful feathered wings reminiscent of the angelic beings known to frequent Alexander the city of the Saints. However there is a small sub-species known as the Gria who have draconic wings, tail and horns. The majority are female and they live in the region of Jylland on Ivalice. It is believed they are descendents of the Aegyl who refused to move to the sky islands when the Occuria first laid claim to Ivalice and were changed over the centuries of separation from their kin.

Powerful unarmed fighters the Gria are quite protective of their small city built into the stonewalls of grand cliffs in Jylland however they tend to be very welcoming toward their long lost Aegyl kin and have been an inspiration and help


Emotional Instability

Due to the slumbering nature of most Aegyl souls and their lack of true living emotions the Aegyl are a cool, aloof people. However when provoked they are known to erupt with burning rage or anger without much warning. The same is true for the opposite; acts of kindness and compassion can stir their hearts to gentler responses. These unpredictable moments of emotion can make them very interesting people to know.


The wings of the Aegyl are not just for show, they allow them to fly with grace and majesty through the skies of Ivalice from a very young age. Most Aegyl are adept at flight making them a truly graceful and serene sight to see in the sky over-head. However, this agile gift of flight has a price, such powerful wings add extra strain to the heart and few Aegyl live beyond the age of forty.

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