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Archimedes Ashford

Born on the 24th Mistleaf to Io and and Thorin Ashford, Archimedes Ashford is the youngest son of seven siblings. The family hails from the Burmecian homeland, where Archimedes spent the first half of his life. After years of a broad education and close apprenticeships, he developed a fascination with the inner workings of machinery and of the outside world, until one day he set out on a mission to broaden his horizons and continue the tradition of the Burmecian kingdom's benevolent relationship with other cultures.

At the age of 16, Archimedes signed on as a crewman on board the airship Kirin when it took portage at Burmecia, beginning his long career as a sailor and journeyman by trade. Although most of his work has been relegated to manual labor, he spent much of his time observing and living around engines and machinery. Whether for admiration or amusement, he came under the guidance of the Bangaa engineer Arin, who served as his mentor in the shop and in life for years to come.

Though most of his travels took place on the Kirin, Archimedes knew he couldn't achieve his potential among the crew. The next few years was a series of months between various ships and cities throughout Ivalice, living off of his crew pay and the occasional odd job.

Now, Archimedes has disembarked in Emberstrand to live and learn among the workers there.

The Tempered Drake

Archimedes is currently working as an apprentice smith at The Tempered Drake. Located in the Industrial District of Emberstrand, the forge provides everything from nails and hinges to swords and armor at a fair price, as well as offering maintenance and repair. They can also disperse employees for household work and jobs on the field, although these jobs are considerably priced with travel and time away from the shop in mind. The Tempered Drake is currently owned and operated by Yvonne Seneca, a middle-aged moogle widow, who has owned and operated the shop for years.

PLAYER'S NOTE: Although the shop is my 'home' location, it is considered a public place and can be entered freely, and used for scenes, by anyone. All I ask is that you respect any scene that may be taking place there already.

Basic Information

Full Name: Archimedes Ashford

  Series: Unknown                                                          
   Class: Unknown                   Alignment: Unknown                  
  Gender: Male                        Species: Burmecian                
     Age: 23                        Birthdate: 24th of Mistleaf         
  Height: 5'8" / 172 cm                Weight: 120 lbs / 54 kg       

Archimedes' Character Sheet

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