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Player, please fill this out... (DO NOT TELL THE Bangaa WHAT TO DO!)

Ba'Naram Ha-ssilinth, Head-Chef and owner of the noodle-shop "The Blind Bangaa"


Born to Ba'Karral and Zu'Shara, wed to the name of Ha-ssilinth, Ba'Naram (meaning: Fire-of-dragons-wrath, or "Dragons-Fire") was sired the youngest child of an impressive six children, four daughters and two sons. Born in the city of Emberstrand, to a father who worked the docks and a mother who carried a grand glaive about, this youngest child knew himself to be taught toughness and fierceness, and brawled with his siblings and other children, when he was not off making a nuisance of himself within and without ear-shot of the watchful elders and ornery city-guardsmen. Born poor, but living well and eating better, a young Bangaa had a life of freedom and joy and hard-won pleasures, as all children might benefit from. He learned the roughness of being the youngest, but the joys of being cared for, and he learned kindness by sharing with those who did not have enough, that they would in turn provide favors in the future. He learned to rough-house and how to clean, how to repair and how to keep watch, to climb, to run, to take a blow, and, when to give one, and last, he learned the pleasures of a secret joy, the pleasure of playing a (possibly pilfered) guitar. He did not play well for many years.

Ba'Naram grew quickly and strongly, and at the age of ten gained employment to help the family out, working first to clean dishes and kitchens, then taking up position as an apprentice cook to the chefs, where he would learn the methods of flaying meats and cooking noodles, of the pleasures of crisping different tastes and flashing it with fire. With a steady hand, he spent years in the kitchens and cafes of his employment, bringing back coin to his family and seeing that others of his house had plenty to eat. Sometimes, he would even share with those of his old gang who never quite had enough, and earned lasting friendships that continue even to these modern days.

At the age of sixteen, having worked a kitchen for six, long years - the Bangaa took a moment to hang up his chef-hat, and felt an urge and call to war, with recent troubles on the borders, and for ten years he spent his time fighting bandits, patrolling the borders, and keeping safe anyone who needed it, for his unit was the 81st Heavy Infantry Bangaas, and he fit right in, serving front line in the day and filling stew-pots with noodles, ahk, and meats at the evening. His prior history came in quite useful for these hungry times. In time, he rose grade to a respectable level of staff sergeant, and had quite a reputation as a mean cook, and excellent friend.

After being in service for fourteen years, at the age of thirty, the Bangaa stepped out of enlistment and put his position back home. He purchased an old shack and tore it down to rebuild a nice noodle-stand, and hired two junior cooks to work with him in building a fine place to eat, drink, and make merry. The prices are moderate but worth the quality, and the place does well enough business that it isn't in danger of dying out. The master of the shop, Chef Ba'Naram, proudly named it: "The Blind Bangaa".

The Blind Bangaa

Located on the edge of the slum, near enough to not be in it, this shop is big enough to house twenty people on the inside, with added seating on the outside and a grand open window to allow the smell of food to catch anyone coming near in the irresistable smell of cooking noodles, hot sweet-bread, meat, and, of course, Fried Bangaa Vegies!

There are three Bangaa chefs and five burmecian waiters, as well as a few neighborhood kids who work on cleaning for a few extra gil and a meal. The specialty focus is heavy on pastas with red or white sauce, but sammiches, pittas, breads, and glazed sweets are also on order. Meat ranges from trout to lamb to anything else that's tasty. Prices range from 1 gil a loaf of bread, to 35 gil for a full course Noodle Explosion (garlic, peppers, sweet sausages and white sauce, two loafs of garlic bread, sauted onions and extra-tender veal cutlets, serves six). Fruits are also available at limited quantities.

He also has the exotic and rare 'Double-Cheese Hamburger' with 'Fried potato-slices' for those who want to try the truly exotic.

Special discounts exist for soldiers both current and retired, with a 'half price end-week' for those who live in the slums (on items 5 gil and less), while clergy eats at a permenant 25% discount.

Ba'Naram 's Character Sheet

Awards, Comendations, Punishments

After 14 years of service, and numerous excursions and battles along that time, the Bangaa has earned several awards for service, which are to be expected for anyone of the military.

"Star of Bravery" (4 inch gold star, with an emblem of Bahamut on the front, and the word: "Bravery, Duty, Honor" on the back) Awarded for capturing the commanding officer and data-cache of a rival Elvaan army with others of his unit against overwhelming odds. Lead to victory in four different battles as well as vital information. Awarded by General Han Herstal. Awarded a 50 gil a month stipend after leaving the legion, for life. Awarded 2 ranks.

"Golden Spatula of the Army" (3 inch gold spatula, with the mark of Ifrit on the handle, with: "Excellence" on the back") Awarded for saving the life of a General by giving over a bowl of Burning Bangaa Chili during an army wide cooking competition. The General was served a bowl of Burning Bangaa Chili and ate it, proclaiming it amazingly hot and delicious. A general sweep of the army found a spy who had poisoned the general - but the contents of the Chili were hot enough to burn the poison away. The Bangaa was awarded the competition and given a higher rank.

"Citation for Valor" For 25 engagements with the enemy, and fearless fighting no matter the odds.

"Star of Saint Freya" (A simple silver star, unburnished, with five points and a spear tip hanging beneath it) Awarded for rescuing a member of the Burmecian Nobility during a rescue operation launched by the 81st to rescue Pennant and captured members of the Bangaa Heavy Infantry. The operation was a sucsess, but because it had been denied but performed anyway the entire 81st was put on punishment detail. The Star of Saint Freya was awarded to the commanding officers who lead the raid, from the kingdom of Burmecia. Ba'Naram was also awarded 2 ranks for his work in the operation.

Punishment Detail:

1 week potato peeling (drinking during duty)

2 weeks potato peeling (brawling)

3 weeks potato peeling (fornicating with fellow soldiers)

12 weeks potato peeling (for arguing the last three infractions)

1 week fasting diet (for complaining about food quality)

2 weeks fasting diet (for attacking head cook)

Made head chef of 81st Bangaa Heavy Infantry (for out-cooking head chef)

Loss of rank:

2 grades (For disobeying commander and leading 81st on a rescue operation)

1 grade (for hitting head cook)

1 grade (for arguing about infractions)

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