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The Bangaa are a mighty race of reptilian warriors native to Ivalice, their bodies completely covered in scales that range of dark colours such as green, black, orange, red and brown. With narrow snouts and distinctive long ears that hang down past their shoulders, they are easily recognized and part of Ivalice society renowned for their strength, cunning and martial prowess with a wide range of weapons.

A tribal people with villages scattered across the land they tend to prefer hotter climates as like most reptilian species they are a cold-blooded race, though they do not lay eggs. Famed throughout the land as bodyguards, mercenaries and fighters that you want to have on your side and if possible avoid having to fight.

The Bangaa are also the chosen people of Andrammalech the warrior spirit. In ages long past this mighty goat, shaped spirit saw the inherent strength and beauty of the Bangaa and turned from the dark path of the Lucavi to join his strength to these people. Andrammalech gave many of their martial traditions, stories and teachings to them. It is said that he watches over them and will sometimes speak directly to a warrior who draws his attention directly.

Full Racial History

Bangaa History


Guttural tongue

Due to the peculiar nature of their vocal chords, Bangaa tend to speak in a strange guttural accent that makes pronunciation of some words difficult. This also hinders their ability to cast magic and it is very rare to meet a Bangaa mage.

Physical Prowess

Bangaa are very strong, their scaled hide gives them natural armour whilst their skill with weapons coupled with the hereditary teachings of their guardian spirit make them fierce and skilled warriors.

Not A Lizard

Do not ever, for any reason call a Bangaa a Lizard, doing so will get you most likely beaten, bruised and possibly worse. There is no worse insult to one of these proud warriors then to call them a lizard. It will not end well for the unlucky sot who dares to do so.

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