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A Burmecian Dragoon


These tall rat-like humanoid people are an ancient and noble race from before the advent of the mists. Traditionally they reside in their hidden, rain soaked kingdom of Burmecia. A kingdom of towering stone buildings, ancient statues and nobility and knights were chivalry rules and the honour of the king and country is paramount.

In appearance they are tall, lanky rodents with sharp pointed muzzles, long naked tails and pointed furless ears. They have a tendency to have large feet and dextrous, nimble hands making them adept at fine crafts and performance arts. Dance and the power of magic through dance is a deeply ingrained part of their culture and the legendary Dragoon Knights are originally said to have originated in the country of the Burmecian.

Most Burmecians speak in a high formal manner, kind courteous and friendly to a fault. They make stead-fast and loyal friends and deadly enemies should they be insulted. Their ethics and chivalric code is famed throughout most of the land and they are generally welcomed wherever they roam.

Full Racial History

Burmecian History


Noble Culture

Burmecians come from a noble and ancient culture and are prone to being both overwhelmingly dignified and noble and yet run the risk of coming across as pompous, overbearing or know it alls. This makes them very popular amongst nobility but can sometime cause friction when dealing with other classes due to their formal manner of speech.

Agile Form

Burmecian's are rats in essence though most would prefer not to be called so to their face. This makes them incredibly agile; they can leap great distances, squeeze through gaps and perform athletic feats with ease.

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