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The race known as Dwarfs can be a strange race of people. They are short of stature, stocky of build and strong with their arms yet nimble with their fingers a race of artisans, miners and spiritualists. Their men tend to have huge bushy beards whilst their women have long braids and everyone has a distinctive greeting of Rally-Ho!


Dwarfs are master craftsmen, miners and artisans producing a lot of very rare and valuable items in their communities which they sell at a premium price to the trade caravans. Weapons, Armour, household goods like pots and pans or decorative items anything that comes out of their workshops tends to bring a high price and be highly sort after. On top of this industrious nature they are expert miners, delving deep shafts beneath the earth in search of precious metals, gems and ores.

They also have a deep seated need to honour the sun and nature, they revere the sun and the bounty of the earth and most of their buildings are underground so that any disruption to the natural beauty of the countryside can be kept to a minimum.

Full Racial History

Dwarven History


Salt of the Earth

Dwarfs tend to be very good at anything to do with the earth. Whether it shaping materials into objects, forging swords or using Earth aligned magic to create masterpieces or. This however makes them weaker against the element of air and not many of them like to take their feet off the ground.

Expert Craftsman

Dwarfs are brilliant artisan, they can make nearly anything they put their hand at to perfection. This has a drawback; they spend so much time learning how to perfect their one love. Be it weapons, armour, hats and statues it tends to be the only object they can turn into a masterpiece. They can make components, dig mineshafts and forge materials but when it comes to putting them all together they tend to only focus for the stuff that ensnares their interest.

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