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Ezekial, often called, Zeke by those closest to him, was the only son and middle child of Arthine, an elven born Helian, and Jathran, the human born leader, of the Helian clan of the Tiger. Much of his life was spent on the road, traveling across Ivalice from city to city with the rest of their people. A simple life filled as they would arrive in town and setup camp to entertain the people and earn more gil to add to their coffers.

Life, though never easy for those who do not live the majority of the time behind city walls, was good. Ezekial, at a young age, began to follow in the footsteps of his parents by showing both aptitude for the gun and a grasp of magical concept. And so he began to train in both and learned to swap between as necessity dictated.. for if one thing is true.. life is never a certain thing.

It was a lesson that he and his sisters learned early on and accepted. People die and you miss them, but you move on. If the clan holds still the clan will die.. and they couldn't let this happen. It was because of that that when Jathran and Arthine died during a Ochu attack that they were on the road only an hour after burying them. They would be missed, and mourned, but the clan could not stop for that.

It was shortly after that point in time that Zeke found that he needed to step away from the clan. His sister had taken over their father's position as clan leader and his uncle, on his mother's side, took up the position of elven leader. It was the whispers though, whispers that wondered if he would match up to this relative or that, which drove him to seek his future outside of the clan. The black tiger, a sign they had thought as he was the same rare hue as his father before him, left to find himself and his place out from under the shadow of his parent's and sister's names.

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