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Born to the busy city of Port Balfonheim, Kier's earliest memories were of work and strife in the poorer outlying quadrants of the bustling and powerful city of the Sky Pirates. But with the general lawlessness of the region, many would try and leave to start fresh either in Archades, or further south into the more stable regions. Kier's family attempted such a pilgramage when he was four years of age, but their attempt was cut short by raiders who had overheard the plans of the group, and captured them all for slavery. Young Kier, not even old enough to understand what had happened, watched his father killed and his mother hauled away while he sat curled under a bush with nothing but a small toy his parents had bought him before leaving.

It was this sobbing, starving, almost savage wolfcub that a group of nomad Viera hunters came upon, and who in his desperation threatened them with a broken knife still stained with the blood of the man it had killed. They took in this young boy who could only barely remember his first name. Taking him back south, the young hume spent the predominant amount of his life among the homeless Viera, plying their yearly route between the Salikawood and the Sandseas. Under the Viera who had taken him in as his son, Ymir Ibrahim, he learned the art of the bow, how to hunt, and how to survive in those harsh climates, and how to use the basics of magic in such.

At the age of sixteen, Kier's adopted father sent him out of the tribe to rejoin his own people, the pair parting with no seeming tenderness or goodbyes. But the boy was not Viera, for all he had been raised as one, and it was their wisdom that said he should learn what it is to be hume from the city their own people shunned because of their belief that the technologies that had contributed to the rise of men, had also lead to the world's fall.

Kier is a normally stoic young man who seems to have very little patience for the social morays of politics and intrigue, and as such he tends to come off as blunt and impolite to many. But despite this glaring dislike of civilization and the people who build it, there is a deep undercurrent of loyalty and caring That makes him often times seem to act out of character. To those that have come close to him find him brusque, brutally honest, but at the same time brutally loyal and genuinely kind at times.

Kier's Character Sheet

Because of Kier's background of being raised by the Viera, his choice of weapons and other equipment often skew in that direction. As such, his primary armaments are of Viera design, and are actually ones that are inherited from his adoptive family. His own are actually from his 'father's' family, who had no other hunters to inherit from. All of his mother's equipment was in use, or gifted to an older sister.

Kusi Bow.png

Kusi - A Vieran compound hunting bow usually made from thinly layered monster bone and laquered wood inside a bow that is capped with ornately engraved cold-forged metal pieces. The wood used in these bows are not cut, but are prayed for from the great trees of Golmore that surrounded the Eruyt village. Every year, Viera priestesses return to the great wood and pray to the trees who still listen for wood to craft new bows. The strings of the bows are often made from the guts of the same monsters who's bones were used to make the bow, and if those cannot be found, they are usually replaced with new ones from the same species.

Ostep Spear.jpg

Ostep - A tool and weapon of Viera make, they are often used by hunters and Viera dragoons and are often times passed on from mother to daughter. Normally the size of a short sword with a blade varying between eight inches to a foot long, they can extend to a full-size spear without losing any of the rigidity of the weapon thanks to the elemental metals used in their forging. Proper Ostep fighting is half sword-play, half spear combat, and very much a graceful dancing style.

Tungsten Knife.png

Hunting Knife - Actually purchased from a moogle caravan, claiming the metal it is made from holds an edge better than Achadian steel, Kier took this curve-gripped knife as a personal challenge. So far it has never failed him, keeping a keen edge for all his skinning needs, and balanced enough to fight easily with if he needs to.



His constant companion is a desert cat hybrid named Dust. A small bodied thing with a large bushy tail colored like sand and rock, the small creature often times hides in the hood of his sandcloak, or along the back of his neck. Dust seems to hate Kier, and often times will be seen hissing at him, attacking him, or even occasionally drawing blood... but like the man who saved his life, that attitude is a strange form of love.

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