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The Lunarian are a strange and mysterious race of human like people who if legend is to be believed once lived in a great civilisation upon the moon. No one is sure how much credit to give to these fanciful tales and myths for if there is any truth it is lost to time. It has been eon's since their great civilisation was cast down; dooming them to wander Terra.

As a people, they are very tall at nearly 7 feet, with white hair and a strange crescent shaped crest upon their foreheads. In civilisation, sightings of them are very rare with only the odd traveller or merchant seeking supplies seen in the great cities. The greatest majority live in the Twilight Mountains of the far north, in as sheltered valley they dwell near the horn crater that according to rumour was formed in eons past when the fleeing destruction of their empire.

Principally they are a mysterious people who seem to believe in the strange tales of their former existence on the moon. It is rare for a Lunarian to marry outside their race and they have an odd way with magic, channelling it through talismans and artefacts. It produces the same effect as a normal black mage but the objects appear to be required.

Full Racial History

Lunarian History


Talisman Bound

For a Lunarian to use magic they need to channel it through an artefact or talisman of power. It seems their own magical energies are slightly out of phase with Terra and though potent, they need to draw upon it through the object to bring it into alignment with Terra. This is true for any type of magic, be it black magic or channelling through a weapon and the talisman can be of any size or shape depending on what the desired effect is.

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