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On the sixth of Goldsun in the year 873 OV, a child was born from the union between a well-respected noble Elf and a rich foreign merchant Elf. The child's father was intent on strengthening the purity of the Elven bloodline, while the mother was a merchant who fell in love with the noble. As poor fortune would have it, the child's mother disappeared during a battle between a rival merchant company and her own organization, only months after giving birth. She was presumed dead, naming the child Meragin before her passing. Meragin grew up among the forests, in one of the greatest tree houses that sheltered noble Elven society. She did not often have the opportunity to speak with her father, for Tolgannon was too busy with politics and his late wife's art export business. Instead, she was constantly surrounded by servants and an assortment of varied tutors. She often tried to sneak away from boring lessons of history, politics, and language, though she rarely had anywhere to go but a secret hiding place in the trunk of the tree. Nevertheless, she enjoyed reading literature detailing the outside world, far more intrigued in what lay beyond Elven society than what lazed within. As she matured, her father chose a suitable and proper husband for her, planning to shortly marry the two and thus strengthen the purity of the Elven bloodline even more. Meragin did not want to be betrothed to a stranger, yet her father would hear nothing of her pleas. Eventually, she met her betrothed and discovered him to be a talented warrior with the blade. She came to admire the Elf, not for his personality nor his bloodline, but for his skill in combat. Indeed, her betrothed was arrogant and cruel to those beneath him, as well as having a knack for the politics and history of Elves that she so disdained. Nevertheless, her betrothed, Erubellaion, noticed her appreciation for his abilities in the blade, and granted her a lesson.

She practiced with Erubelaion for many months, those months turning into years before she was a match to his talents. As it appeared the pair were coming to enjoy each others company, it was announced that they would be wed in one month, on the first of Greenfire in the year 895 OV. Meragin had mixed feelings for this declaration, for she enjoyed the lessons yet encountered numerous instances of Erubellaion's cruelty and arrogance. Two weeks before the wedding on a cold Spring night, Meragin and her betrothed were practicing beneath the moon for one last time. The sparring became quite heated and Meragin looked to Erubellaion more beautiful than ever before. Her betrothed succeeded in disarming her yet did not stop there. Rather, he advanced upon her and pushed her to the ground. Erubellaion looked upon her with eyes filled of lust, tearing fiercely at her clothing while pinning her to the floor. Meragin was frightened and shocked at her betrothed actions, pleading him to halt, but he would not listen to her. Their struggles became progressively more intense, until Meragin found herself enraged. Her body shifted as she looked on her betrothed with hate, arms becoming giant paws and face becoming an amalgam of a bird and a lion. She assaulted her betrothed, swiping a large paw across his face and leaping onto her feet. She did not even look back when her new and giant eagle wings unfurled, flying to her home in the trees. She landed on her father's balcony, in full sight of Tolgannon's eyes. She returned to her human form to be confronted with her father's abject ire and disgust. He called her an abomination and took up a blade to strike her. She rushed from him with the skills Erubellaion had taught her, horrified and in distress. As she ran to her room, she heard her father screaming of monstrosities and Lycanthropy, demanding that he never see her ever again lest he put her down like an animal. She took up all her needed equipment and fled from her home, running so far away that she left the forest altogether. By the time her emotions had settled, she found herself in a Hume city.

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She realized that she never wanted to return, or else she would be met with a father that hated and was disgusted by her, and a betrothed that savored his cruelties as he arrogantly stood above all. Furthermore, she knew what she was from books she read when younger, and the conversations overheard from servants. She was a Lycanthrope, capable of shifting into a creature unlike an Elf, proof that her blood was tainted and impure. Not wishing to sell her belongings for survival, she instead used the only useful talents her past had offered her. She became a mercenary, and for the next four years had fought and killed to survive. She grew to understand that she could not have everything she wanted at her whim, but rather was required to earn her living. She found that she even enjoyed her job, earning money to acquire whatever she desired. Yet the victims that were sacrificed for her pay proved too great a cost for her to remain content. Instead, as she worked, she decided she would look for some manner of less unsettling employment, of greater boons and further fulfillment.

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