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Servelixx "Nitro" Revelgizz has become a common scene in the cargo transport scene around the city of Emberstrand. While calling himself a member of the goblin race it's rumored he's actually a half-breed given the lack of rounded muzzle and hunched posture of other of his species, though there are none that care to challenge him on the subject.

Nitro comes from a clan of goblins that took to the skies in a massive airship known as The Dauntless, although where they came by the ship is a mystery. A Sky Pirate by blood he was literally born below decks on that ship and didn't even set foot on solid land until he was 16, his father having been second mate and his grandfather having been the captain at that time. Nicknamed Nitro for his love of explosives he started his first duty on the ship as a "powder monkey" fetching gunpowder and shot for the ship's non-magitech weaponry and over the years has developed a fondness for ancient technology and firearms due to their reliability even in the mists. He became captain of the vessel after the death of his father in a fiend attack and has been at the helm ever since, taking whatever work he can find to keep the ship running and his crew paid. This had lead to a great deal of legal and not-so-legal employment.

There are endless stories as to the origin of Nitro's magitech leg, most of them told by Nitro himself. They range from industrial accident to fiend attack to even a bad run-in with a Judge, which may explain Nitro's seething hatred of the Knight-Errants and their actions. Regardless it's unlikely the truth will ever be known as to where he came across the ancient limb or even why he needed it in the first place.

Nitro's crew are known as the Incursio Usura Machina (Raiders using machines) and fly a bright red flag with their mascot "Ratchet", a skull and crossbones with gears over the eye-sockets.

Nitro's Character Sheet

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