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Penelope Franchesca St. Gabriel

Born in Emberstrand on the 7th of Plumfrost, 878 OV, Penelope, known by most as Penny, is the daughter of a modest merchant family, the youngest of 8 children. At the age of four, her parents, devout followers of the Temple of Alexander, enrolled her into schooling by, and service to, the Shrine of the Seraphim, where she began her proper education, and training as a priestess. Though talented, if marginally so, as a priestess, she found, at the age of twelve, that she had far more talent for pursuits of a more martial leaning, and elected switch her dedication and training to that of the Temple Guard, where she has remained and flourished since. At present, though of only the modestly low rank of Sergeant, she shows unfailing dedication to her chosen path, and has earned many times the praise of her superiors through her faithful and forthright service to the Seraphim's shrine, where she still serves to this day.

Penelope's Character Sheet

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