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Raziel Lunafluere is one of those who have been through times of both great happiness and great misery. Raised by a mother driven mad by the loss and believed abandonment of her loves, though it has come to light that this was not the case, she began to listen to the whispers of those who still followed the forbidden teachings of the Canto. Because of this his young life was one of misery and abuse. These things left their marks on the young boy and as he grew to a young man his quick temper and fiery magical prowess led often to near pyromaniac tendencies.
These days the young man has settled a great deal, due in no small part to his relationship with the proprietor of the fencing academy, Vazkor il Vazkor. He is a professor of Basic Magical Theory at the Mage's Guild and is known to his students as a strict teacher, although he doesn't get often get too angry when one of the neonates decides to jump ahead and minor explosions result. Due to this his classroom has been warded much like some of the practice rooms to keep anything nasty from escaping and to keep the damage at a minimum.

Image: Modern day Vazkor (left w/light skin) and Raziel (right)

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Image: Future Esper Seeming


Raziel's Character Sheet

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