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Warning: Contents under pressure

His story begins on the streets of Emberstrands; a child of a merchant and a common woman, he was reared in a comparatively modest section of town until he left home to seek work. He showed a surprising amount of magical apptitude as a child, though was unable to pursue it in earnest until he was a young adult and ran into Nitro and his crew where he worked for them as a deck hand. Thought indebted to his friend and mentor he wished to further his magical studies and returned to the city to seek enrollment at the mages guild. Gaining capital had been a constant struggle throughout Roja's life, and his skills with magic often times became entertwined with odd jobs as an entertainer in which he was at times more alike a street magician than an actual mage. He dreams of being more than that, however and has since begun studying at the mage's guild in emberstrands.

Roja's Character Sheet

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