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If you talked to anyone about two decades ago, and some even today, if you mention the name Gherard, you would hear tales of Tobin Gherard, one of the fastest gunmen on the northern continent, dashing adventurer, and rogue extraordinaire. There's not an old soldier that hadn't shared a beer, lost a bet, or otherwise encountered the man who was nicknamed 'The Rider', based on his famous tale of once riding into battle on the back of the famed Spirit steed Ixion.

Truth can never live up to fiction however... and Tobin was never quite the man he was played up to be. Yes, he was fast with a gun, and yes he was a rogue... a sky pirate in fact. But he never rode Ixion into battle, and he was a happily married man who remained devoted to his wife.

When they had their son, they moved back to Tobin's home on an island south of the Tchita Uplands, in a village who worshipped Ramuh as their patron, an ancient statue of him guarding their little bay, and giving their people the wisdom of age. This son however grew up hearing of the adventures of his supposedly famous father, and one day wanted to be like him.

Ronan Gherard quickly learned that life away from his home was hard for someone who never knew more than stories, but like his father he became canny, cunning, and a good shot with his father's old pistol. Emberstrand was his starting point, and eventually carved a name for himself, known for wielding a pair of Enkindler Gunsabers in combat, and always attempting to be a fair opponent.

The Ronan that has reappeared in Emberstrand after two years of absence, and many sketchy tales of his whereabouts seems to be a very different person. This one bears the mark of Judgement on the back of his right hand, one that burns every time he tries to remember who he is, and what his crime was.

Mk 12 Ras Algethi Carbine.jpg

- Not the fabled gunsabers the man was supposed to have wielded, this lever-actioned weapon is still very effective despite it's size and has a surprisingly good range, capable of hitting targets that the same full-sized version of the weapon could.

Curved Throwing Knife 1.jpg

- Worn on his hip, these three knives are balanced for throwing and fighting, but are curiously not of any make known. The distinct design has been seen before in Balfonheim, and sometimes from Rozarrians who have travelled farther west than their own lands.

Spike Tomahawk.jpg

- An unlikely weapon for one who was known for his skill with a blade, but it is as much a tool, with many other uses. His own version has a metal butt at the base that can be used for clubbing as well as hammering.