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A girl from one of the smaller, local settlements traveled to Emberstrand to pursue her interest in martial competition. For now just an amateur duelist, but who knows?

Full Name: Shiu Rhivin

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Duelist (Amateur)


  • None as yet

Height: 5'1" / 154cm

Skin: Slight Pale

Hair: Long, Autumnal Red, usually tied up/Twin Tails

Eyes: Bright, Pale Green-Blue

Likes: Duelists, Dancers, Spicy food

Dislikes: Nothing in particular

Personality: Shiu is bright and largely cheery, but a tad bit hot-headed, and impatient at times.

Shiu's Full Descriptions

Shiu's Character Sheet

Player: Forra

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