The Doomtrain

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  • Information

This large and solemn vehicle is said to travel the world at all times, unnoticed by most until it comes to a stop to pick up the souls of the dead to bring them to their appointed place, the great psychopomp of the underworld, carrying the newly dead from the world. Its sight is both a comfort and a horror, a stark reminder of mortality.

The Ghost Train makes for poor company. It has only respect for the dead, and does not deign to speak to anything at all. Those who attempt to befriend or cajole the lumbering titan tend to be run over, even if they were not standing on the tracks a moment ago. It is said that some rare summoner has managed to pact with the train, but this was long ago. Those who have tried in recent year have lost life or limb in the attempt.

The train does have a more vocal aspect, the Conductor. The Conductor is a manifestation of the train's conciousness, belonging to the ghost train's domain(Who in turn belongs in Hade's domain). He appears as a sharply dressed man in a train conductor's uniform, quite wraithlike, but fully formed of hand and feet and pale white semi-translucent face. He is a bit sharp, but is approachable and can be talked with, even by the living. He warns living away from the train and welcomes the dead aboard, tracking who enters and issuing tickets to all who board, a ticket to their final destination.

The living who board the train will be issued with a ticket for the price of 450gil and they should be wary that it is a ticket that permits their return to the world of the living. Should the conductor give them the wrong ticket they will find themselves at their final destination with no hope of returning to the world of the living For every soul has a destination, should the conductor issue their final ticket when boarding the train they have but one chance to change it and make the Conductor aware of their intent to return to life.

There are also some spirits who reside aboard the Doomtrain, through some unknown agreement with the train they travel with it, watching the living world through the windows of the carriages. Silent and quiet for the most part, lost in the contemplations of their own life. They can be approached and if one is deferential and polite they might agree to share wisdom and knowledge with the living for a price.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 15, Knowledge - 15, Fortitude -- 15

Listed but due to difficulty in pacting the Doomtrain the requirements alone are never enough. The trains pact also requires one to enter servitude to the train. A servitude that extends beyond mortal life.

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