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Vazkor Adamo D'Ceferino, or Vazkor il Vazkor as he prefers to be known, was born some 32 odd years ago from a tryst between a Rozarrian Nobleman father and a barmaid mother, and spent the first 15 years of his life in the poor district of his birth city. Growing to be a wily street urchin, his mother however ended up deciding to seek out his noble father and force him to take responsibility for his son. And seeing alot of himself in the boy, Vazkor was soon officially recognized as a 'Bastard' and given opportunity to receive a proper education. Getting sent for 3 years to an expensive All Boy's boarding school, followed up by Military Academy, he was eventually commissioned soon afterward as a Junior Lieutenant in the Rozarrian Army once reaching adult age. A career that didn't last long however as a tryst of his own offended his lover's father- who happened to be Vazkor's commanding officer. Challenged to a duel of the sword, and being defeated but spared, he realized his future career as a soldier was over and chose instead to resign his commission and try his luck as a civillian.

So started a bit more than a decade of adventuring, the young rogue perfecting his skill with a blade while working as a sellsword and eventual pirate hunter, vowing to never let another man defeat him again as the Captain so soundly did. Recently having settled in Emberstrand, where he has built a reputation for himself as a professional gambler and well-to-do swashbuckling gentleman, he has decided to use his not inconsiderable funds to open up his own fencing school and teach his techniques to anyone willing to learn.

Vazkor's Character Sheet

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