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Yosh Cardham, born 860 Old Valendian Calendar (OV) in the southernmost reaches of what had been historically known as the Archadian Empire lands. His parents, assumed to have been deceased, were simple subsistence farmers. At the age of fourteen, bandits had burned the farm and captured Yosh and his brother, Barto--aged twelve at the time, selling them into slavery for twenty gil apiece.

At the time of purchase, Yosh and Barto were bought by an Archadian Gladiatorial school, the Ludo Thraexa. Barto, the younger brother, was set to work cleaning the humble quarters of the gladiators who lived within the walls, tending to their laundry, their dinners, even water breaks. Yosh, however, was seen to have potential and might have even lived through training--he was sent to the Grounds for training. It was made painfully clear that he was simply 'Yosh', his family was dead, and no one gave a rat's shit what his family name had been outside the walls of the Ludo Thraexa.

Two years passed, Yosh being trained hard, driven into the ground by the sting of the Doctore's whip and words, until finally he had been given his first match. At age 16, very young for a Gladiator, Yosh had been sent to fight in the Capital City of Archadia at the arena. His first opponent, Cagric, had bested him easily, leaving Yosh battered and bloodied on the arena ground and truly out of the crowd's favor. Later that night, the Ludo Thraexa's Dominus (Lord), Calter Umbral, had the young gladiator beaten for insolence in losing a fight. Determination was driven into Yosh by the Doctore's whip, and his next match a month later saw the young man victorious.

For ten years, Yosh fought and pooled his winnings, his own price becoming more and more steep with the hopes of purchasing his freedom. He would never have become a Jai Lews, Champion of Archadia, but he had brought about the crowds in his own manner, pleasing them with flashy swordsmanship, daring acrobatics, and above all, his willingness to do what it took to win. Having won his final match, Yosh purchased his own freedom from his Dominus and set off out of the city, adopting the name 'Yosh Thraex', the Ludo Thraex being the only family he had known for ten years.

Ten years of wandering, working as a personal guard, a mercenary, even as a shipping dock hand, brought Yosh Thraex to the docks of Emberstrand, looking for a job and well-deserved fame.

Recently, rumor has led to the whisperings of legend. The whisperings state that he has since traveled to Jagd Tulque and lived to tell the tale. The whispers also speak that his price for coming out of Jagd Tulque alive were his left eye and his sanity, but nothing has been confirmed on the sanity. One thing is for certain: he went into the Jagd and came out again a different man.

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