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A peaceful blind monk on the outside, a ruthless killer on the inside. Zhou was once a simple holy man, enjoying a life of peace and solitude within the temple of his Order. But a night of bloodshed and fire changed all this, when raiders- having no appreciation for the divine and tranquil and instead just coveting the Order's sacred objects of solid gold- attacked the temple in force, killing every monk inside and burning the place to the ground... Or rather, they thought every monk dead. Instead, Zhou survived, albeit partially burned and blinded by the fire... And perhaps driven insane. Thinking of himself as a vengeful dragon, an avatar of his God, baptized in fire, Zhou crawled out of the rubble 2 days later, and slowly made his way after the long retreated raiders... Guided by something more than simple sight.

Two months hence, a pale, scarred up stranger in the robes of a monk appeared in the midst of the raider camp, seemingly out of nowhere. Standing quietly and serene as he was approached by armed men, who while at first wary, soon turned their simple, blunted minds to thoughts of violence and torture as they saw this monk's eyes were the milky white of a blind man, and would be no threat- just a few hours sport. Yet any more sophisticated thoughts or actions were suddenly cut short... The monk moving with the speed of something possessed, and with a lethality and precision rarely seen in those even with sight. Men falling dead to the ground in an instant, necks snapped, throats crushed, lungs punctured by broken ribs. And the monk moving on before these bodies even hit the floor, moving from tent to tent, from raider to raider...

Zhou starting a night of bloodshed and violence of his own, finally getting his divine vengeance as each of these man-shaped insects was crushed below his mighty fury, feeling his hands and feet guided by the sacred Dragon as he killed with a single blow. Leaving everyone dead by dawn, even the bandit leader himself slain near the end, his personal guard picked off before his own heart exploded within his chest after a flurry of the monk's blows.

And it was perhaps this night that completed Zhou's transformation into the infamous, vengeful killer he is today. Some believing he is merely insane, others believing he is truely touched by something more than that. But no one knowing for sure how exactly he ended up as The Grand Lethal of the Tal-Hatash, aka The Black Hand, aka the Guild of Murder, years after this story took place. His notoriety even extending beyond the walls of Zara-Qum, beyond the Sandsea desert. Some even knowing his name within the Emberstrand underworld.

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