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Strength is for acts of physical force, such as determining how hard you hit in close-quarters combat as well as athletic tasks like heavy lifting, swimming, climbing, and so forth.

Supported Skills:


Dexterity is for acts of physical precision such as hitting or evading a hit (especially with lighter weapons), or athletic tasks of a less forceful nature like acrobatics, tumbling, dancing, or the like.

Supported Skills:


Stamina is a measure of physical endurance. In addition to its significant role in determining how much damage you can take before going down, it can also be a determinant for tasks defined less by force or precision than by simple duration such as long-distance running, obviously, and of course as any sort of resistance to physical effects.

Supported Skills:



Intelligence represents mental force in regards to what you know and how well you know it. Quite simply, if you need to know whether your character knows something, this is going to be the go-to stat and aside from simple knowledge, expect it to come up in determining just how good your craftsmanship (or gadgetry) can be.

Supported Skills:


Insight is mental precision and flexibility. It is the ability to see what's going on and draw appropriate conclusions. Perception and Charisma both find several of their applications falling under insight, so expect to find it in ranged checks and social talents; but it also represents how well you can leverage your knowledge, so crafters and gadget heads will be using it to see how practical their shiny toys are.

Supported Skills:


Willpower measures mental endurance and it often can play the role of social defense as it can keep a person from doing what they may not want to, as well as being a determinant in resisting other mental effects. It also can be used to represent focus. For characters who maintain projects (see also crafters and the like), willpower represents just how well they can maintain and attend to what they want to get done.

Supported Skills:



Attunement is raw magical force meaning it is a measure of how attuned to the Mist you are. Attunement will show up for any magical effect or skill that requires sheer power. The bigger the boom, the more Attunement will come into play.

Supported Skills:


Acuity is precision and flexibility employed in magic. It is a focus of how deftly you can employ magic, regardless of power. It will come up for abilities that modify spells more than anything such as methods of speeding magic casting or conserving MP usage, of course, but also things that could be classed as 'magical evasion' like counterspells.

Supported Skills:


Resilience is magical endurance. Similarly to its physical counterpart, Stamina, its largest role is found in the basis for the MP pool. Magical acts of long duration, like extended rituals, will likely require a test of resilience, and unsurprisingly it is found for resisting magical effects.

Supported Skills:

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