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Chronicles of Ivalice -- Status List
Name Effect
Astra Immunity from the next Status.
Regen Recovers 10% HP per round
Brave Boosts PDEF
Faith Boosts MDEF
Protect Halves incoming Physical damage.
Shell Halves incoming Magic damage.
Reflect Reflects spells onto the caster.
Haste Doubles combat speed. [Slow] counters but does not replace.
Quick Immediately allows the character to act.
ReRaise Autocasts Raise when 0 HP
Vanish Target is immune to physical attacks, takes double damage (before Shell and Faith and MDEF) from magic
Float Immunity to Earth damage and falling damage
Double Allows two spells to be cast simultaneously, for full MP cost of both.
Triple Allows three spells to be cast simultaneously, for full MP cost of all three.
Blink Target has a 50% chance of avoiding any attack, before defense rolls.
Barrier Target takes no damage from X amount of attacks. When all 'charges' are spent, buff clears.
Name Effect
Berserk Target can only use basic physical weapon attacks (including ranged weapons), gains a PATK boost as well.
Confuse Target affects anyone at random, friend or foe, with any Ability or standard attack.
Poison Target takes 10 Primal damage per turn.
Oil Target loses 20 MDEF when soaking Fire damage.
Immolate Target takes 15 Fire damage per turn.
BEES! Target is COVERED IN BEEEES! Deals 1 Pierce damage the first turn, doubling each subsequent turn, and target has a 50% chance of abandoning action to run around screaming. Expires after 6 turns, is removed as per any other Physical Status, or target suffers Fire or Water-element damage. Status *resets* if target fails to cleanse, continuing to double damage each turn.
KO Target is removed from combat, until combat ends or Raise is cast on them. If a scene where death is a factor, target is dead if not Raised before the end of combat.
Disable Target cannot act, but can move.
Immobilize Targer cannot move, but can act.
Slow Target's combat speed is halved. [Haste] counters but does not replace.
Stop Target cannot act or move until the duration expires, and can take damage.
Paralyze Target has a 50% chance of failing to act.
Break Target is turned to stone; cannot act, move, or be damaged, but is counted as KO if the status is not removed by the end of combat.
Charm Target acts as the caster desires until effect wears off.
Mini Target does 10% damage from PATK-dependent attacks and Abilities, magic is unaffected.
Blind Target has a 75% chance of missing with physical and ranged attacks and abilities.
Sap Target takes 20 Slash damage per round.
Death Sentence Target has 5 turns to remove the effect. If allowed to expire, target is inflicted with [KO].

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