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When one thinks of religion in Ivalice people do not tend to think of any one temple or god. The Glabados Church and the Light of Kiltia (Nu Mou sect) both venerate St. Ajora but they are by no means the only temples available for people to worship and seek solace.

Temples and shrines can be found in most cities and towns across the world. Many of them have multiple small shrines to saints and spirits clustered around the great temples. Priests and those who tend the shrines are offered respect and are normally sought out for advice and aid by the general population. When people want someone to speak to or solace for their soul. When they seek comfort for help with life and their families it is to their priests they turn, with so many shrines to so many spirits, saints and beings of power there is usually a priest who can help give advice and guidance to people on any subject.

They are a part of every day life, with the people of Ivalice tending to honour their shrines and spirits at least once a day, even if they do not have time to visit the actual shrine most houses have a small alter/holy place where they can pray and tend to their ancestors and the spirits.

Many great and noble people from the History of Ivalice are revered as Saints, those whose souls dwell eternally within the sublime splendour of Alexander. They are famously revered by a dedicated group of worshippers though anyone can be found within the shrine of the saints, with such a disparate portfolio of Saints one can be seen to revere their shrines to seek aid.

Some of the famous Saints are listed below:

Name Description
Saint Aerith The Great Healer
Saint Amante The Hunter's Champion
Saint Ashe Last Queen of Dalmasca
Saint Ajora The Prophet Matyr
Saint Ayane The Summoner's Light
Saint Bellatrix Guardian of the Weak
Saint Cecil Harvey Patron of Redemption
Saint Cid Patron Saint of Airships
Saint Cloud The Lonely Warrior
Saint Cyrus Patron Saint of Monarchs
Saint Dax Father of the Mithra
Saint Edea Protector of Children and Orphans
Saint Freya The Dragoon
Saint Heather The Resolute
Saint Kagane Sage of the Healed Spirit
Saint Kefka He who guards the Insane
Saint Macabe of Miraculous Endurance
Saint Madeen The Holy Warrior
Saint Mysidia Patron of Teachers and Doctors
Saint Meredith The Alchemist's Guide
Saint Seelus Watcher of the Departed
Saint Tobias The Archer
Saint Vivi Patron of Black Mages
Saint Yojimbo The Wandering Mercenary
Saint Yuna Patron of Summoners

It is not just the saints and those recognized as gods who are worshipped. The Spirits of the Cosmology are also revered with shrines and priests, the spirits, representative forces of the elemental natures and concepts of the world given shape and form. Some who predate the creation of the world, others who have developed over time or ascended to take their place as spirits.

They dwell in the Spirit Realm, a land of shaped ideas, each of the major spirits dwells within their own land, their realm where they are attended by the minor spirits whose sub-realms are connected and linked together.

All of the Major spirits have shrines, be they large temples such as one might find dedicated to Alexander or Shiva, or small shrines such as those given to Famfrit, Mog and Undine. The spirits have priests as does any religion, individuals who have dedicated their lives to them, most of them are not even Summoners, just people who believe in the spirit and what it represents.

The Summoners of course are given great respect being experts on the spirits, walking with them in their realms and being able to call forth their favour, such is the respect that a Summoner is given welcome in all shrines dedicated to the spirits.

Spirits play as big a part in the daily worship of the people as the Saints do, when drought hits or the river does not flood it is to Leviathan and the water spirits they turn. When sickness stalks the city it is to Undine the people pray, when a celebration is due it is to the frivolity and of Lord Mog the citizens will call praise too.

Worship of the spirits is a serious business as well; there are festivals and holy days dedicated to them a couple of them would be. The Day of Remembrance day for reflection on life and to remember those who have passed on. Carbuncle, Phoenix and Hades are revered on this day, for those who have passed on. There is the day of the flood when Leviathan and Demeter are prayed too, to send good flood waters so that the harvest may be good. These holy days can sometimes be days long festivals where national holidays are decreed, or they can be quiet simple affairs that do not interrupt the running of society for there are many of them.

Of course no discussion of religion would be complete without mentioning Mt Bur-Omisace, once the sleeping place of Gran Kiltias Anastasis it has been rebuilt since Larsen’s Folly, restored to its glory, pristine and secure. It is now a place of harmony and peace, where the Kiltias and the Nu Mou have raised their temple and community anew. The Holy City is now guarded by the Ronso, who have settled on the lower slopes since emerging from the mist. The mountain is counted as one of the holiest places in Ivalice, a place of peace and tranquillity; during their lifetime all people will try to visit Mt Bur-Omisace at least once.

With so many different beliefs in Ivalice one must eventually talk about the afterlife as well. No one can truly say what happens after one dies, but most religions agree that it is dependent on which god or spirit lays claim to your soul upon death. The legend of the Doom Train is well known across the land, the psychopomp that carries the newly departed to their afterlife.

Be they destined for reincarnation, for the tranquil meadows of the afterlife, to the hall of Lord Mog where his children await their next life, all souls pass onto the racing train, ticket in hand they are escorted to their final destination.

The only souls that never ride the train are those who are destined for Valhalla and the halls of Odin, whose Valkyrie’s will collect personally. The other exception is for those who are saints, a soul who dies who has transcended to be recognized as Alexander as a Saint shall be summoned personally by the City of Saints itself.

Spirit Cosmology

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