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So, once you've gotten all that lovely XP... What do you do with it?

Lucky for everyone, we've got that worked out. See, XP costs scale according to how high you've got a particular stat, skill, or ability. Buying the first point in an Ability, like Fire, from zero only costs 1 XP (as long as you have access to it, naturally), but pushing it from 23 to 24 requires a lot of extra oomph; 4 XP worth, in fact. Same goes for Skills. Attributes have their own cost scale, but it uses the same math, so it should be easy to get comfortable with.

Below, a couple handy-dandy tables to lay out exactly how cost progression will work! Tables are fun! Also, to the right of each row is the total cost of each 'tier,' and how much XP you'd need to buy a thing from nothing to all of it.

Skills & Abilities:

    1 -  6 = 1 XP per point to raise. ( 6)
    7 - 12 = 2 XP per point to raise. (12)
   13 - 18 = 3 XP per point to raise. (18)
   19 - 24 = 4 XP per point to raise. (24)
                                      (60) <- total xp from 0-24 in ability or skill


   2 -  6 =  5 XP per point to raise. (25)
   7 - 12 = 10 XP per point to raise. (60)
  13 - 18 = 15 XP per point to raise. (90)
  19 - 24 = 20 XP per point to raise. (120)
                                      (295) <-  total xp from 1-24 in attribute

If you would like a copy of an Excel XP Calculator contact staff on the game.

Also, Job Requirements will throw around Job Levels a lot; this is important, as X amount of levels you have in a Job (Or Jobs, for the really nifty ones) unlock higher-level Jobs. But how much XP is needed for a Job Level, you ask? Simple; every 60 XP spent in a Job equals 1 Job Level in that Job, to a max of 8, starting from 0. Which means if you devote 480 XP to a single Job, you will have that Job at Level 8, and are considered to have mastered it (regardless of whether or not you have actually purchased everything the Job offers). Beginning players won't have reason to worry about Mastery, but likely it'll be needed for the truly high-tier Jobs.

So! Now you know how XP works. And you have your first wodge of XP to spend wherever you like. So! Have fun with it! Note that the Jobs currently on offer are up on the Wiki, with all their buyable Abilities laid out and, in most cases, described (some things are still works-in-progress, so if an Ability does not have a description, just hang tight, it likely will before too long). What Skills one has access to has nothing to do with Jobs, so feel free to choose Skills with relative impunity.

  • XP Spending is currently handled by Legion and Viktor. When you want to spend XP, just drop them (both of them) a mail in-game listing what you want to buy, and (this is important) what Job the thing you are buying is from. If you need further explanation about this, let Legion know, and he'll be able to explain in more detail.

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