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Scholar 'Aden' Ainsley

Having come to Emberstrand a few years ago, this enigmatic creature shows very little emotional reaction to the world at large, and when she does, it becomes increasingly obvious that she has difficulty acting 'normal' to most anyone, often quickly snapping into moments of frustration or plain anger.

Carrying a strange book on her back at all times, she has been known to attend public functions to record things in various notebooks, and has been known to act as a historian for those who ask for her services. She has a strangely deep well of knowledge in her head, mostly of arcane ideas and of things that have happened long ago, and is constantly working to try and deepen this knowledge.

Ainsley's Character Sheet

Grey Scholars

Her 'family', as she calls it, or moreover her clan, is a group of scholars with a very specific purpose. They seek to record and keep safe the history of the world. Many of the members of this clan can be seen from time to time, carrying names with themes to them according to the specific area they are assigned to, and some have even been trusted so far as to act as advisors. However, their code of ethics dictates that they do not directly interfere, for fear of losing all the information they have gathered.

They tend to avoid making bonds, though many of them worship spirits who have a hand in knowledge and wisdom. Ramuh is considered an unofficial symbol of the house, though those being derogatory would choose more malevolent spirits to symbolize them, as they are often seen as foreign and constantly suspected for things they seemingly have no hand in. Their response? 'We are Scholars, not Rogues.'

Recent History

Ainsley's been thoroughly involved in the adventures of others, and getting increasingly more interested in their activities as her well of knowledge grows. She has helped warriors retrieve artifacts from crypt-like temples, and delved deep to find old technology.

But a recent task, a task that got her sent to a revealed temple holding a Lucavi known as Shemhazai the Whisperer, has shades of mystery behind it. They say that she managed to seal the temple, and she gets praised for it... But her behavior since that day has been increasingly aloof, losing the soft and whimsical edge she was working to show to the world.

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