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Azar Zareen is the illegitimate daughter of a Archadian noblewoman and a prized arena-fighter.

As she came to know of her origins, and as her understanding of politics grew, she began to understand her somewhat dangerous and precarious position in life. Taking sword fighting lessons in secret, and using her pretty face and talent for manipulation, she set up plans for her eventual escape from Archades.

When she came of age, she went to her mother and extorted a "reasonable" sum of gold from the noblewoman. Under threat of exposing her illicit affairs with her father, as well as other popular people of note, Azar left Archades in a hurry. Knowing that her life was basically over, Azar fled as far as she could.

However, there was one thing she wanted, nay, needed, to do: Find the man who was her father. Rumour had it he was in Emberstrand.

The rumour turned out to be true.

Azar's Character Sheet

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