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Azel Ahen


  • Early ages(Birth and childhood)

Azel was born in Emberstrand's Slums, in the day 9 of Skyfrost. His father, Mittel Ahen, was a well-known man of the Slums, and his mother, Elessa Ahen, was a common woman of the Slums. Azel grew mostly at the side of his mother, as his father was never home. Elessa gave birth to two more kids, Balz Ahen, when Azel was 4 years old, and Mist Ahen, when Azel was 8 years old.

He had a normal childhood, mostly helping his mother with housework and playing with children in the Slums' streets, but he created a special affection for the kids of the orphanage. When his second brother, Mist, was given birth, Azel's father said he was going to make a long trip. Without their father support, Azel's family needed to work harder in order to endure the hard times.

  • Middle ages(Adolescence and adulthood)

Azel grew to be a truly dexterous teen, and to assist his family he begun to work as messenger for merchants in the Bazaar. Most adults weren't as fast as him, and machines were too expensive. The young boy jumped from roofs and walked on walls, as if there were no limits for his freedom. Some jobs included the delivery of packets for the merchants clients, and in one of these deliveries a tragedy ocurred.

The packet that the boy delivered was filled with Mist, and the receiver, an important nobleman, informed the guards about what happened. Those guards then carried Azel to the guardpost, and after being severely beaten by them, he was released. He didn't knew the merchant, he just received a lot of Pennys for the job, and accepted it. He then discovered that the beating was ordered by the noble that got the package. That would prepare the hatred fire he would develop for the noble-kind.

Life wasn't easy. The more time passed, the more expensive the things got, and the more the boys needed to eat. At the age of 15, the young boy was no more. He has fully bloomed to the warrior inside himself. To help his family in these harder times, Azel begin to accept more dangerous works, including searching for raw material, helping merchants travel the lands and some works that he begin to call "services". These services were his speciality, as his agility was that of a genius.

In one of these jobs, Azel was contracted to help a merchant carry some gold and other expensive material to the city of Nalbina. The mission was not so hard, but the wagon was surrounded by bandits, and two of Azel's co-workers betrayed them. After being defeated in combat, Azel ran to the desert in attempt to escape from the bandits. He then falls in the sand, but is saved by travelers in the region.

After 1 month under the care of the travelers, Azel returned to Emberstrand. His mother was sick and the money was lacking. His father was back after so many years, and he came back just to worsen the things. He says that he is going away, forever, to the city of Balfonhein, as he found a new woman and a new and better life to live. That just made Azel's mother sickness worse.

Azel tried hard to help his mother, but it wasn't enough. She was shaken, and disturbed. One night, as Azel was returning from a delivery in the docks, he saw the silhouette of a woman next to the river. It was late when he recognizes her as his own mother. After the woman jumps at the river, Aziel runs to try and rescue her, but it was a new moon that day, and the darkness swallowed everything, anywhere. The next day the body of a woman was found at the edge of the river, a few miles from the place she jumped. They were alone, Azel and his brothers.

Azel sends his brothers to the Orphanage, as their house was rented and they didn't have enough money to pay for it. He then continues to work to try to help the Orphanage and the kids there. In one of these "services", Azel is contracted to get back a magical tome that was stolen from a Mage from Emberstrand. As he tries to steal back the tome, he discovers that the tome was not stolen and his contractor was a Spell Thief. When he returns to try to subdue his contractor, he fights agains him. His body was not used to receive magical attacks, but Azel shows great resilience against his mark.

Nowadays he is still working to help his brothers, and still takes special "services".


Age: 21 // Apparent age: 27

Height: 1 m 70 cm // Weight: 76

Hair color: Dark Blonde // Hair Style: Straight and Medium sized

Eyes color: Black // Eyes size: Medium, middle Europe kind

Skin color: Light Brown, born White

Beard: None

Clothing: Azel doesn't uses shirts often, but in stealth "services" he puts a tight black shirt on to help him in his work, and in normal services he uses a old and comfortable brown top. He normally uses a loose-fitting black trousers, but sometimes can be seen using a dark grey shorts at worksites.


A calm and thoughtful person, Azel is well known for having a strong, but charismatic personality. He's normally the first to engage in something new, and is inclined to protect the weak. From a distance he's mostly mistaken for a rude and gruesome rogue with no manners, but he's a true gentleman inside, but a little rough in the outside. He hardly trusts people, but has a tendency to trust in humble and poor people. He does not talk about himself often, but likes to hear other people problems.

Has two strange habits, sleeping in odd places and smell people and things. He says that their smell can tell stories. He has an odd hobbie, too. He is often seen jumping from roofs and running through the city with no destination. His favorite conversation topic is life and the future of the people.


What keeps Azel alive and going are his two younger brothers,the other children of the orphanage and the poor people of the Slums. The feeling of abandonment is something he doesn't wish that anyone feel. He thinks that the rich people of the noble part of the city are just parasites that feed themselves of the poor and weak.


-We shouldn be playing with lives as if they were toys. I may be a thief, but me don't steal other people o'their chance of existing... - Azel Ahen -When you got honor and pride, you become a machine. You need another principles to live for, or you will have no principles at all... - Azel Ahen

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Azel's brothers

Azel father abandoned the three kids, and Azel was at the age of 15. The two younger boys gone to the orphanage. One of them was 11, and the other was 6. Azel didn't go to the orphanage, he begin to wander the streets and find work and "dirty" work to try to help his brothers. Sometimes he helped the orphanage, with money and help. He is loved by the kids. Nowadays he is at the age of 21, and his brothers are at 17 and 13. The younger one is still at the orphanage. That's the history.

Balz Ahen


Mist Ahen


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