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Orphan, brother(?) to Jocelyn and Alba. Raised by a Mist-mad vieran mother, more animal than person, the three children survived often times despite their mother, instead of due to her.

It is entirely unclear whether there is any true blood relation between any of the three children; but all have grown up together, and survived together.

Daivat is a young Hume man with long, curly purple hair, twin white ribbon-like tails, a gun on his hip, and a hover-bike. He's recently gained employ as the pilot under Captain Leetle of the Doodlebug.

He's known to play guitar and harmonica, often through the ship's PA system, and is also known to disappear for months at a time, muttering about knots and prophecies. He smokes sagegrass and tobacco blended cigarettes, once in a rare while, usually with Alba.

A bit of a swashbuckling rake, with a languid sense of humour, he's seldom far from his sisters, ensuring they don't get their fool ears killed.

There's some suggestion of past romantic tension between him and Celeste, although between her adventures and his frequent absences, it's difficult to say what relationship, if any, they share. Likewise, his sister, Jocelyn, seems unusually obedient for him, over anyone else.

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