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Estebahn is a Companion, though it was not his first walk of life. Previously he had been a marine, a man at arms, and defender of ships along the clouds. He was very good at his job and was the officer of many a ship that needed his services, organizing defense against pirates and making sure ships can defend themselves. An expert swordsman and marksman he spent many years in the clouds traveling from city to city. He makes the claim he has circled the world more times then any other marine and lived to tell the tale, but that is an exaggeration. Though not by much, having traveled anywhere, as respected adviser and sword.

Time however does not stand still, defending yourself against pirates is not an easy task and it took longer and longer to swing his sword, untill a near fatal stab brought the point home. He was no longer a swashbuckler, and likely would get himself, or his marines, killed the next time he went out.

Dejected, and feeling the loss of his life purpose he departed his last ship, and moved from one bar to the next, before ending up in a small Companion's shop, an outpost for their guildmembers, where they could talk and trade. While he was looking for some exotic alchol, the Companion got him to talk, and to listen. While he could no longer swing a sword, he had been to all of the outposts, all of the cities. He knew the customs, and done business and worked contracts in nearly all of them. He had a lifetime of experiance, and knowledge, that would make a diplomat jealous. And in that outpost he found a second chance, a life as a Companion.

Now he doesn't swing a sword, though he still keeps in practice, but after a year or two of training with the guild, he is an excellent adviser, in all manner of skills.


Estebahn's Character Sheet

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