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Garamo was born into the bustling city of Emberstrand amidst a small colony of moogles living in the slums. He was raised learning a workman's skill set and showed a particular interest in the lifestyle of a mechanic, picking up bits of knowledge throughout the daily routine of ever-changing work requests. Becoming a jack-of-all-trades, Garamo came into his own when he began taking on orders that took him away from Emberstrand for short periods of time, where he obtained more martial forms of training.

As a young moogle, Garamo is rather impetuous in his endeavors, tackling his objectives with a stubborn enthusiasm that is only curbed by a gruff work ethic. He prefers to focus in on one thing at a time, keeping other tasks on the backburner or delegating them to other workmates while he continues with the 'important' things. His more social nature comes out when dire situations arise, where his attentions will shift over to the well-being of his crewmates or those close to him.

Garamo's Character Sheet

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