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Havoc was hatched on the continent of Rozarria, and has travelled far from his home since. His mother's name was Soldae, his father's name was Bearvour. Both are unknown to Bracas himself, as his commune attracted the wrath of a nearby human town following a minor flood, which ruined homes and lead to a wave of disease that claimed a few lives.

Captured before his second birthday, along with several others as his people were scattered by a mob, Havoc was eventually sold to a weaponsmith living in the poor area. Bruglir was his name.

The weaponsmith Bruglir gained a rudimentary understanding of how to care for Havoc from the townsfolk themselves, and tended diligently to the youngling's needs. At the same time, Bruglir secured lucrative contracts for the supply of weapons to the port town's militia by carefully circulating a wild rumour that his crafts were blessed by the "powerful fae prince" in his possession. With his new funds, Bruglir secured a better forge and house, and even gained a partner: the homely and well-spoken naturalist, Sime.

Sime was fascinated by the fledgling imp, and quickly assumed control of its rearing. With her affectionate if amateurish tutelage, Havoc gradually learned the common tongue, and so gained Bruglir's close attention as well. The man told Havoc, who by that time was nine summers old, much about his past and the circumstances surrounding his acquisition.

Following this, the relationship between Havoc and his human guardians was increasingly familiar. Bruglir in particular rapidly shed his first impressions of Havoc as a pet and possession, becoming more father-like and giving the adolescent an outlet for his emerging competitive energies, engaging him in tests of wit and courage, co-conspiring in tricks and mischief. Havoc found his humour and his thirst for adversity- good natured or no- in an atmosphere of growing belonging, although some questioning of his desires was inevitable...

Havoc always insisted that he had no wish to spurn the only home he ever knew. Sime would later counsel him not to rule out his leaving altogether. In time, she told him, he was sure to seek out his roots. He would go because nobody really knew what had happened to his people and not least of all, his birth parents.

"Be the sort of fellow who cares to find out, Havoc." She told him.

The time of Havoc's departure would be another decade coming. He would be almost twenty. In that time, he nurtured his aptitude for magic, honing it for uses peaceful and warlike, and he forced himself to acquire a understanding of literature written in common. When Havoc finally expressed his desire to leave, Sime immediately began a month-long instruction in survival out on the land... and Bruglir had long been ready with a parting gift of his own.

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