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Imps are known through out the world as a rather ecclectic and peculiar bunch. Small of stature fae-like creatures known for their mischievious ways and chaotic nature. They are known for being experts with small daggers, cunning and their plans can be long and involved or short and brutal depending upon their nature.

They are semi-mortal creatures who do not succumb to the passage of time but can be killed by weapon or accident. Creatures of the spirit realm nominally used by the greater spirits as messengers or fixtures about their court. Those few who appear on Terra are normally exiles or individual imps who have decided to take leave of their home and try life out amongst the mortal realms.

The known types of imps are linked to the elemental/meta-physical domains of the spirits:

  • Death
  • Knowledge
  • Civilisation
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Power
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Time & Space
  • Lightning
  • War
  • The Cycle

Some of these domains are clear and easy to comprehend; elemental imps tend to have power-sets based within their domain. Others are harder to place or guess how their powers may manifest, but they will be linked somehow to their home domain.

Full Racial History

Imp History


Elemental eyes

The eyes of the Imps tend to reflect their powers, they start life with a single ringed iris like most people. But as they grow in power and cunning the irises segment into other rings that move and slide around each other. So an imp with many segmented irises would be more powerful and mature then one with just two. The downside to this elemental affinity projected through their eyes is their vulnerability to magic of the opposite element. An ice imp might be perfectly happy in a desert as natural weather is little bother to such hardy creatures but start tossing fire-balls and they are going to seriously feel it. ((System wise this works as you get more XP - You get more power - You get more eye rings. Occasionally you might do an awesome quest and feel like using the resolution of that as an IC reason to develop another ring. It is purely RP flavour, you do not get funky powers beyond what you buy with XP.))

Racial Servitude

However Imps are not truly free creatures, the compact Lord Rael made in ancient times with the other spirits binds his followers to the lord of their elemental domain. Fire imps are bound to Ifrit, Imps of the sphere of knowledge are expected to answer to Lord Ramuh etc. This servitude is life long and though they are welcome to live their own lives they can be called upon at any time to perform a service and refusing has dire consequences for the imp involved. They are also expected work answer Lord Rael's call and though life can be cruel when your entire species is effectively enslaved as servants it is generally easier to serve well and enjoy the rewards and mischief that comes with following their orders.

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