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Kahlua Reinhart

Appearance and Vital Statistics

Race/Breed: Sanuye
Gender: Male
Age: 52 (estimated lifespan 500+ years)
Height: 4'2" (127 cm) at the shoulder
Weight: 450 lbs (204.1 kg)

"Four legs. Fur. Tail-flame. And glasses?

Dark red to light orange colors span this quadrupedal creature's pelt and tend to shift depending on how the light hits it. His toned appearance confounds most with the seeming mix of species he must possess, although he is no true hybrid at all. His larger thinner chest and smaller-around belly are similar to those of a cheetah's or a greyhound's body while his musculature seems closer to that of a leopard. One solid look at his face would show a resemblance to the structure of a wolf's, but with a larger nose, nose bridge, and upper lip cleft seen in panthers and lions. His tail is also like that of a lion's, although the tuft of fur at the end is replaced by an ominous flickering flame that casts mysterious shadows across his strange form as it moves about. His ears are pointed like that of a canine, as well, and a pair of spectacles sit on the bridge of his nose in stark contrast to the otherwise lack of clothing.

His mane is definitive of himself. A sharp-looking blade of fur juts from the base of his head to the spot between his shoulders, similar yet shorter than that of a horse's mane, and is a midnight black color that shows a faint blue or red, depending on how the light shines off of his ember-hued fur. His headfur, the extension of his mane up between his ears, seems unkempt. Part of his short bangs hang loosely in front of his face, although a good portion of his head-lining mane drapes behind both of his ears and cheekruff in a shaggy tapered frame mirroring the likeness of a lion. He may at times bear saddle-bag like satchels attached by harness used for carrying things and, were it not for glasses on the creature's face or a familiarity for his kind, one might almost confuse the individual with some type of beast-of-burden."

History and Information

  • Family Background and Activity

Kahlua Reinhart was never sure of his true origins. He was brought to Emberstrand by an evolved Shumi, a Moomba, after having been rescued at a very early age (between 5 and ten years old). The Moomba wound up helping out a White Wizard/Alchemist Hume named Janice Reinhart with upkeep of her personal Study and Library and the front of the residence which doubled as an amateur apothecary. Ms. Reinhart adopted the young unnamed Sanuye cub and eventually called him Kahlua. Kahlua grew up in ideal circumstances to feed his interest in the rest of the world and, through this education, became as well learned in Lore as he naturally was in exercise.

The Moomba, which had been nicknamed 'Moomie' by Ms. Reinhart and which was considered a surrogate brother to Kahlua, eventually moved on and left the residence. The family, as it was, felt a great loss. The void was never filled (even despite the awkward help Kahlua offered in trying to keep things orderly amidst Ms. Reinhart's messy research) and eventually Janice's studies shifted from magic to investigations into the Shumi. Kahlua's 'mother' took it upon herself to try to track down the Moomba. After a few years she finally decided she had enough information and hired some adventuring hands to make the journey in search thereof.

  • Personality and Possessions

Kahlua Reinhart wore spectacles his 'mother', Janice Reinhart, paid to have designed for the Sanuye specifically and they appeared to simply sit in place without any assistance. They served only to help him read in comfort; his eyesight was fine without. He also possessed a harness with satchels used for when he ran errands, such as shopping or delivery, which was built to be able to crawl in and out of -- with a bit of practice, at first.

With Kahlua's studies so well balanced between informational education and physical training he was a master of neither. His thirst for knowledge of the world and its workings left him in a position to read most of his early life (~40 years) away. He became reclusive through these habits and rarely left home except for errands few and far between or for extensive exercise. He became a very idealistic individual with an implacable naïveté that, when exposed to actual world situations and influences, often lead to embarrassing bouts of awkwardness. While knowledgeable about dishonesties and evils, Kahlua had little personal experience of which to deal with such things. He always seemed to remain undaunted, however, striving to protect those who needed guarding while seeking aid for those with needs.

In-Game Reference Material

Kahlua's Character Sheet

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