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Every child is a gift to their family, but for Kazuki, this is doubly so. The child of the summoner Kaiko, this young kangaroo rat has a less than conventional family tree. Unlike most denizen, Kazuki was the gift of a spirit to a most faithful follower, and the young esper has indeed brought much joy to his mother.

As one of Carbuncle's espers, Kazuki spent his younger years amidst rows upon rows of forgotten lore. From both Carbuncle and Pounce, he has come away with a gentle and sometimes playful outlook on life. He is deeply devoted to his parents, and he endeavors to make both of them proud in both thought and deeds. He is strictly non-aggressive, seeking only to protect and prevent strife when possible. While he has forbidden himself from doing harm to others, he will protect anyone in need as either a medic or a mage.

Unlike his mother, he is not as averse to black magic. However, its use is purely utilitarian and never for combat.

The kangaroo rat typically roams the slums, is almost always broke, and never seems to mind either. He can typically be found wearing a simple, if not rather decent, robe suitable to either a white mage or summoner. He carries a simple wooden staff that doesn't appear to be much more than a walking stick. Thus far, his two best friends are imps, for better or worse.

The young kangaroo rat has come to the Emberstrand for a simple but very important reason. The powers he may one day wield are a gift to be earned. He wishes to earn his place among his kind through his deeds so that when his story comes to rest within Carbuncle's paws, it will be a fitting sequel to his mother's tales while uniquely his own. Most importantly, to him, he wants this book to be one his father shall read many times over and hopes he shall still smile each time he does.

Kazuki's Character Sheet

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