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The kin have always been here, since time began, and the humans and other races have walked the earth. They have always been here, but sometimes in the background. For the most part they are humans, though their blood has mixed with that of the animals, giving them some characteristics of their kindred.
For simplicity's sake, you may chose to create any sort of Kin you like, though no hybrids please. Any animal can fit into one of these categories, some can fit into multiple ones, just pick the best on that fits your character concept.
All Kin have 20 Genetic Slots, these slots can be used to purchase abilities that reflect the Kin's strengths and weakness, you must have an equal number of positive and negative genetic traits at the end.
Here is a selection of images that may be used on this page in the future, as examples of Kin Concepts.

Large Herbivore Large Carnivore Medium Herbivore
Medium Carnivore Mythical Small Herbivore Small Carnivore

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