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Kupor was born in Baguba Port, the middle child of seven children. As a child, he was not enamored by stories of great hunters, but of ancient great heroes, of ancient prophecies, of destiny. Each of his six brothers and sisters was equally caught up in the idea of becoming great heroes by finding teachers and seeking out to fulfill prophecies. Kupor was twelve when they all left in search of great masters to learn from.

Kupor himself took to the marshes, the woods, the desert and the mountains, looking for the ways of the sword to master with youthful enthusiasm. He was taught the ways of the sword, and the ways of the protector saints, to hold life in highest regard.

And he explored places of great power. And at each one, Kupor found his entry barred, his path interrupted, and in one case, simply told that he is not worthy. Each moment crushed Kupor's youth for ten years until it was finally nothing. He retreated to the dangerous marshes to speak to his blind master.

"Good. You have learned you know nothing. Your soul is molten. It is finally ready to be shaped and tempered. You are ready to learn."

The moogle has come to Emberstrand to learn then, to take up the job of a Hunter to relearn everything his masters taught him, humbled.

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