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He's the gaunt young man known only as 'Lee'.

Not much is known about him. He's a bit cheeky. A bit irreverent. Hardly ever serious, and rarely without a grin or a quick quip. He calls himself a penniless wanderer, an urban nomad, and a self-proclaimed "Jack Of All Trades", claiming to have worked in a dizzying array of vocations, especially considering how young he seems, ranging from Librarian to Hired Bodyguard. He refuses to give his full name, insisting "Just call me Lee", and never talks about where he comes from, where he grew up. He doesn't seem to have a home, either, never seeming to sleep in the same place twice in a row so far as anyone can tell. And underneath the cheery joker's facade, behind the humorous glint in his odd crimson eyes, something dark seems to lurk, deeply hidden, barely visible, and rarely seen...

Lee's Character Sheet

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