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Perfectly normal people, or dark creatures of magic. Lucavians are the children of the Lucavi and mortals. They have two forms, one quite normal and one that calls on their more primordial nature. ((Additional Note: Lucavi are primordial creatures and their offspring carry this trait. That is not to say that they are evil; they have free will, like any other.))

Full Racial History

Lucavian History


Lucavi Nature

Due to their Lucavi bloodlines Lucavians find they are able to call upon the powers of their progenitor. Lucavian players must choose whom their progenitor is from ((TO Be Announced -- We're working on this)) and from that their five powers/specials will be determined with the aid of staff. At every level the player will have the option to increase their raiting in these specials/powers via XP spend and TP both, or they may forgo it entirely. ((NOTE: Costs are still in debate at this time))

Alternative Form

A temporary form that calls upon their Lucavi nature and increases the power of their abilities. ((NOTE: More information on how this will work will be added as we create a system.))


Lucavi Sigil

Those who focus on tapping into their Lucavi nature and increasing their powers are marked with a glyph somewhere on their body that appears when they first begin manifesting the power. As they grow stronger the sigil grows darker and in some cases grow larger. They are known to glow when channelling the powers gained from their progenitors. ((NOTE: More possible writeups on this to come))

Restricted Race: Only Limited Number Allowed.
                 Application Required To Play; Contact Staff.
Further Info To Come As System Is Developed

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