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Ffamran mied Bunansa II, aka 'Mace'

Born Ffamran mied Bunansa II, young Ffam was named after his great-great grandfather. Early on in his life, young Ffam had received a collection of books from his grandmother while she had been clearing out the family library. At age ten, young Ffam was hooked with the volumes of adventure from his sky pirate ancestor. Each night he would read a chapter in what his father jokingly called 'The Adventures of the Fool of a Sky Pirate', learning something exciting. His brothers called him obsessed, his parents believed it was a phase, but for young Ffam, being a sky pirate of old was a dream.

Upon reaching the age of sixteen, young Ffam enrolled into the Imperial Archadian Military Academy at the bequest of his grandfather. His grandfather wanted a Bunansa in the military to clear the stain of having a pirate in the family, especially one that had been young Ffam's namesake. Ffam begrudgingly accepted the request. His time at the military academy was uneventful given Archades had not been at war in some time and the only true expansion had been occurring during the Eastern Campaigns.

In his final year of the academy, a quiet tragedy occurred. The passing of Ffamran's grandfather from natural causes brought an entire collection of valuables and historic artifacts to Ffamran. Firearms, trinkets, and more diaries were brought forth from hidden chests that his grandfather kept hidden. Ffam's wildest dreams had come true by learning that much more of his great-great grandfather, including whispered names of history pages that his own ancestor had adventured with many times.

Upon graduating, Ffam received his commission as a junior engineering officer for the IAS Yarhi, a small craft carrier meant to launch airships the size of hoverbikes for combat maneuvers. An experimental craft, it was soon decommissioned and Ffam soon found his commission being moved to the mechanical division for hoverbike mounted urban scouts. This brought him to the rank of Captain and into the eye of General Daschel Corlan.

Plucked yet again from his unit, Ffam became the leader of a small unit that focused on creating armored suits that utilized Mist as both a power source and as a specialized weapon meant to improve attacks. It was his duty to train and mold his squad into a fighting force. Their first target would be Emberstrand.

The first mission was a success, having attacked an ex-patriate Archadian and kidnapped his daughter as leverage per General Corlan's orders, Ffam found himself quickly promoted to the rank of Major (see Promotion/Day Five of Captivity).

Unfortunately, things went awry for Ffam. Another mission to Emberstrand, Operation Gysahl, this time led by another of his soldiers, saw two dead from his unit and an inquiry into the reasons for their death. One perished from a Float spell failing, and the other perished from madness brought on by Acute Mist Sickness. A disease he was familiar with.

Over-exposure to Mist had also effected Ffam, from staining the whites of his eyes a brilliant midnight purple and leaving his right hand with uncontrollable tremors from time to time. After the inquiry, Ffam felt he had to do what any good officer would do--see to the Personal Effects of his fallen troops. Things became further complicated for Ffam as he had been set up on charges of treason, collected a bullet in his gut, and forced to steal an Imperial Archadian Airship in order to escape the charges. His course brought him to the place that he helped start the war:


Upon landing, Ffam understood the complications of using his birth name and assumed a false name. With a fifty thousand gil bounty on his head from Archades, no one would suspect the name 'Mace' to be tied with one of the more ancient names of the Archadian Nobles. Ffamran mied Bunansa II was forced to become 'Mace', sky pirate extraordinaire.

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