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Short History

Born in a moderately sized city near Emberstrand, Magsaadi Spiritforge was the oldest child of three. Growing up, she was given to both the duties of caring for her siblings as well as going into the family trade. The Spiritforges are a proud warrior family of common birth; every generation a single child (at least) of the family has to take up arms and fight for a cause of their own choosing. The tallest, strongest, and most impulsive of her three siblings, Magsaadi took to the trade with gusto. Spending her early days learning to wield a blade, fight, and hunt small monsters, she grew up strong and fit. As is family tradition, on her 18th birthday she was kicked out of her parent's home to better herself and seek out a cause to fight for. Taught all of Burmecia's culture, she carries that with her, selling herself out as a principled mercenary and monster hunter.

Personality: Only 19 years old, Magsaadi is young and reckless. Though smart enough, she's not one to think things through but so much and finds herself at her best when charging whatever monster or 'evil doer' she sees waving her sword over her head. Courtly and polite, she can be judgemental, and often gets herself into trouble by biting off more than she can chew. While still yet fearful in battle, and having only the mild skill of youth, she's mastered one thing that some warriors never do: channeling fear of fighting into violent action when faced with enemies.

Equipment: Light bronze plate armor, and an iron greatsword.

Magsaadi's Character Sheet

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