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There once were a pair of Burmecian children named Marco and Marcelle. They were born as twins, and grew to become very attuned to each other. Their moods, their preferences. They even had the same black fur, the same body-type as they grew. But as they grew, their interests divided. Marco was enamored with stories of knights and glory, whereas Marcelle sought to be a warrior by other means.

They began to travel together, exploring the area around Burmecia and hunting small fiends. It became a common practice for them. Out there, they could show and hone their skills together. They could have become great warriors, but it was not to be.

They had disturbed the nest of an ancient wild dragon, and one of them died. The survivor was not scarred by this event, as they had shared their thoughts to each other and knew this path would lead to death, and had grown to accept it.

Soon, Marco returned to Burmecia, but only long enough to gather his possessions and leave, not staying long enough to mourn the death of his sister, the funeral being held with no corpse thanks to the unfathomable power of the beast they had encountered.

Marco turned to the Hunter's Guild shortly before leaving, and found some support in their tasks, giving him proper challenges and chances for glory... but something had changed in him. The Burmecian had become far too fascinated with bloodshed and the challenge of the hunt, and all else became less important in his eyes.

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