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I bring to you a tale that is of a young man wrapped in a journey he does not understand, seeking a destiny he does not know. A trial of challenges the sing of greatness and roar in the background with that of dragons. Yet for somebody who may one day become something of a legend how does one start such a path? Does his beginning cry with tears of pain and sorrow over something lost? Perhaps he holds a name and heritage lost in time and shadows seeking to be rediscovered for deeds grand and old? Maybe even a lover lost or a friend turned worst foe and enemy? Yet in for the truth we find that no such things are to be, only a simple story of man who started out with a simple life.

The tale I speak to you today is that of Marduke Andorian, title earned of the Seeker. Even his beginnings hold no true meaning as he was born on a small island out south of the continent. One can see the main land and its beaches yet here it was he had his home among a small village. A quaint little place, makes a decent getaway spot if you like the smell of fish and the ocean. Its people though are hardy people who know how to handle their own in a fight, after all monsters from the sea do attack once in a while.

Yet it is here he was raised, the youngest of three children with a older brother and sister. He himself didn’t take after the fishing trade like his brother or to be a cook and sewer like his sister. He took to books that his father and mother had laying around, reading of the spirits and of the magics of the world ever interested. It was about when he was ten that his life started to change. His parents were starting to insist he learn how to fish and was about to set out on his first trip. A few squid monsters decided to attack the town and he in his own willfulness wanted to help out. Not that I hear his life was in any real danger, his father was a mean hand with a axe as were many of the other villagers with weapons, these were not uncommon occurrences and people learn how to survive. From what I could gather his own sister held him back while the monsters were easily finished off. Walking off with a annoyed child pout, “I cant stand by and do nothing!” Though it appears this grabbed the attention of a passing traveler. Who they noted had been paying attention to the young man the whole time anyways.

He made his way over and looked down at the boy his face hid by a hood his markings unknown. Reaching under his robes he pulled out a statue of a dragon and tossed it to the boy, “This is yours and your path to walk. My task here is done.” Leaving then without another word. Marduke at that point just drove deeper into his studies and I think eventually found out what the statue was of. His parents had long since given up on trying to teach him to be a fisherman and when he came of age, left his home and started traveling the world, seeking the meaning behind everything.

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