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Mazurek was born into the slave trade in Kandhala, and there is no official document of his birth. He never got to know his parents, who were auctioned off to separate buyers before he had any memory of them. He had been auctioned off to the ringleader of one of the numerous fighting pits within the slums of the city after the Bangaa noticed the second set of arms on the kid. For the greater part of his young life he was forced to train to be a fighter, to knock out or even kill anyone or anything that he was put into the pits with.

He had a talent for fighting unarmed and, unlike most of the others, entirely unclad, though he did receive training in fighting with weapons, but never did become proficient with fighting at range. While this did lead to numerous cuts and gouges, it also led to the building of his physique alongside the other training he had to endure. The near-constant battles against his peers and the menial tasks he was forced into doing built his physical strength, his dexterity, and even his stamina to levels that normal members of society would have envied. He showed no true aptitude for any of the magical arts, but that didn't keep him out of the arenas.

Around his 16th year while he was battling against one of the more tougher creatures that inhabit the region he was scouted out by the goblin, Nitro. A few days later, after heavy 'negotiations' with the Bangaa, the Iguana brute was given over to the care of the goblin and his crew. The seven foot brute served as personal bodyguard to Nitro while being acclimated to the workings of the airship. He was given simple attire to wear as well in the form of a harness and chain kilt. This left his firm physique out in the open and has served to deter troublemakers from trying anything in his vacinity. He does have a softer side, but that is only shown to those who he truly becomes comfortable with.

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