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Moiraine McLeod ne Eclipse

This Sandy furred Moogle is the High Priestess of Mog in Emberstrand, she has for many years now lived in the city after moving from Baguba Port as a teenager to take up a position in the temple. She worked her way up the ranks of the Priesthood until on the death of the former High Priest she was elected by the local college of clergy of Mog to her current position.

She is a warm hearted, happy, friendly moogle, more then happy to go out of her way to help others and try to make their lives a bit easier to live. Nothing in her life is more important then looking after the home of Mog and the moogles of Emberstrand and the surrounding countryside. She is also responsible for Emberstrands shrine to Famfrit and Ark, both of which are housed inside the eclectic temple of Mog with its odd steam punk machinery and moogles.

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