Q&A Log 08-12-2010

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Rebecca says, "So, welcome to Q & A folks. This will be our very first one held, so I hope you all brought your questions."

Remi pokes his screen. Stop freezing.

Nitro says, "So how we going to do this?"

Rebecca says, "Well, whoever has a question, raise a hand, and I'll choose you, then you ask your question, and we from Dev Team try to answer it."

Remi raises hand.

Nitro nods

Rebecca says, "Go, Remi!"

Remi says, "Well, I mostly want to know what the exact IC tech level is, in regards to firearms and the like. I keep hearing and seeing different things."

Kioshi lifts a hand, "also wanna say something before we get too deeply into things."

Rebecca says, "Go ahead, Kio."

Kioshi nods, "well before we get the ball rolling, I just wanted to say that we've done alot of work on the game so far, but I really wanna thank you guys for being here and for any input you give us back or ideas you toss out that you'd like to see. Granted all might not be included, but this game is yours as much as ours on staff.. so we wanna make sure that you enjoy it here. Thats all ^.^

Rebecca nods in agreement with Kioshi.

Remi enjoys it here.

Rebecca says, "To answer your question, Remi, we're looking at ball and cap type of firearms similar to what was in FFXII."

Nitro raises a glass in toast to Kioshi, then Raises his hand.

Remi nodnods, "That works."

Thaylorn offers cookies to Kioshi, and a bottle of celebratory wine!

Rebecca says, "Go, Nitro!"

Nitro says, "Well lemme kick the 500 pound gorilla in the room in the ass and ask the obvious question. What's the ETA on completion?"

Rebecca say, "ETA on being fully complete, or just going from Alpha to Beta?"

Remi doesn't think a MU* is ever fully complete.

Nitro says, "Lets try for Beta"

Rebecca nods. The best people to ask are going to be code staff, which would be represented by Blobbus and Mook tonight.

Blobbus says, "To answer that question, I would like to point everyone to the code updates page on the wiki..."

Blobbus > http://coimuck.com/wiki/index.php?title=Code_Updates

Blobbus says, "This is updated whenever statuses of things change when under development."

Remi hmms.

Blobbus says, "The ordering isn't exact, and the XP system is likely going to be put in the pre-beta section next to the Zero-Time System for Initiative Calculation (ZTS) section."

Thirteen arrives from the ooc nexus.

Thirteen has arrived.

Blobbus says, "Essentially, to get to Beta, code on Combat Timings and Magic and Elemental stuff needs to be finished..."

Blobbus says, "XP needs to be fleshed out and coded, and finally plans for ZTS, which will essentially be merging most of the system together into one cohesive unit, will need to be finished and coded."

Blobbus says, "That last one, full automation, is the big step."

Blobbus says, "It'll take most of the time to code."

Blobbus says, "Once it's down, however, things will move a lot faster."

Blobbus says, "The combat-timings system is intimately related to ZTS and is the heart of it, so once it's done and working properly, the remainder of ZTS will also start to go rather fast."

Blobbus says, "Once that's done, that makes all the basics done and ready for testing, and the rest of the items up the list will be a lot quicker to roll out because of that framework."

Remi raises hand.

Blobbus says, "I'm hoping to get the Combat Timing system completed in the very near future and ready to roll out."

Kioshi nods to Blobbus then looks back to Remi again

Blobbus nods to Remi?

Remi says, "Is this gonna be 'kill mob for xp' or just linked to RP somehow?"

Rebecca says, "RP Linked."

Remi nodnods.

Thaylorn raises a hand.

Kioshi looks to Thaylorn

Thaylorn says, "Is the RP, XP gain going to be linked to the direct amount of time we RP, or is it going to be linked to something more like votes?"

Blobbus says, "We're still trying to nail that one down."

Thaylorn thumbsup.

Rebecca says, "We've not made any firm plans on it, but we've been discussing a mixture of both and still trying to combine in judged scene xp as well."

Blobbus says, "We've toyed with the idea of both, but havn't sat down and finalized the ideas."

Blobbus says, "The main three types of XP we're going to have as as follows..."

Blobbus says, "First off, for those who aren't able to be on as much, there'll be a certain minimal amount of XP everyone gets each week or therabouts."

Blobbus says, "This will require an amount of participation above a lower threshhold to get though, so disconnecting and staying offline won't make you uberawesome when you come back down the line."

Blobbus says, "The next type is as was discussed, either voting, time RPing, or most likely some form of hybrid."

Blobbus says, "Its specifics are as-yet undecided."

Blobbus says, "But will be done before we go beta."

Blobbus says, "The third type is basically XP given by a judge running a scene."

Blobbus says, "There will be fairly specifically outlined rules for as to what kinds of rewards are given out by this."

Kioshi nods, and smiles, "right

Blobbus says, "Another bit that we're working on is that there will be an XP cap, and the XP gain will basically make it so that a completely new fresh character can go from +chargen to full-cap in a timespan of at minimum 3 and at maximum 11 years."

Blobbus says, "Note...11 years is an extreme case."

Blobbus says, "ANd won't usually be likely, it's just what the math says getting the bare minimum XP /ONLY/ would give."

Blobbus says, "These time spans are approximate, however, so they're a little off by up to a month or so."

Blobbus says, "And we havn't finalized it, as you can see by how it's still listed as red under planning."

Kioshi nods and smiles, "good enough answer though guys?" :)

Blobbus says, "If it turns green, that means it's in progress towards being completely finalized and should be locked in."

Remi nodnods.

Kioshi says, "cool cool.. any other questions?"

Remi hmms.

Kiatsa sits on Thay's lap for now. o.o

Marduke says, "has a summoning system been decided on finnaly?"

Blobbus says, "RPwise, or codewise?"

Marduke says, "bit of both."

Blobbus says, "Because those are very different answers."

Blobbus says, "Codewise, summons are just powerful spells with a fancy way of obtaining them."

Blobbus says, "This is the same as any FF style game, codewise."

Marduke says, "Suppose I shall just wait until I see Silvante again. I have been busy rl for a bit. Move on."

Blobbus says, "But RPwise, I'm not qualified for answering that."

Blobbus says, "As I recall, there's been 3 methods of summoning discussed."

Marduke says, "I know the intent was to do a FFX type summoning system, where you bring in the avatar to fight for you in your place, it was variations of that correct?"

Blobbus says, "One's the traditional "powerful spell" type, one's a "summoning an equipment item" type, and the third's the "summon an NPC to fight along with you"..."

Kioshi nodnods, "unfortunately Silvante is the best one to talk to concerning that. Last I heard we may be having two types of summons.. the basic buy an ability and cast it type, and then more powerful type.. what form the more powerful type will be though is still up for debate

Kioshi looks at Blobbus and then chuckles, "even we're not on the same page.. we'll have to sit Silv down."

Blobbus says, "Codewise, most of the stuff to handle summons is already covered. Pwerful-spell type summons are just spells and will work with the standard magic system..."

Blobbus says, "Equipment-summons are just status-effect type spells that replace your equipment..."

Marduke says, "flash summoner vs avatar summons then is the main goals then it seems. Hmm hmm I will have to touch base with silv."

Blobbus says, "These three types were things that were brought before me for finding out if they can be coded. What we end up going with may differ, but I'm confident that working it into the system will be easy."

Blobbus says, "Two of the possible three types are already handled by what's planned for being in place before beta."

Marduke nods and has been working with silv on the avatar methods. Just been gone almost 2-3 weeks :( Anywyas let somebody else have the floor

Kioshi nodnods and ruffles Marduke

Blobbus says, "That'd be flash and equipment ones. Avatar type would need NPC code in place, and that'll be a "release" thing."

Kioshi smiles and peeks about

Marduke says, "That is the one I have been helping silv with. is the avatar form. The others are easy."

Remi raises hand.

Rebecca says, "Go, Remi."

Blobbus says, "Basically, NPC support isn't that hard to add, it just requires a bit of extra care to make the system know what's what."

Blobbus is done.

Remi says, "Any word on if the amount of alts people can have is gonna be upped?"

Kioshi says, "no word yet, no. It's something we haven't really talked about but we can put our heads together on it."

Rebecca says, "We currently have it at two characters per person. Once we hit Beta it goes back into discussion."

Remi nodnods.

Kioshi says, "next? :) "

Remi thinks!

Nitro says, "ummmm... I got nothing"

Remi raises hand.

Rebecca says, "Go, Remi!"

Kioshi grins

Remi says, "We gonna have facilities for player owned homes and stuff soon, right? S'what I heard anyway."

Kioshi nods ta Nitro too.

Rebecca says, "Coming in Beta."

Kiatsa wants a garden in her lair!

Remi nodnods. Logs into fileplanet to get his Beta code!

Rebecca says, "We've been kicking around the idea of recyclable housing and just plain built rooms."

Kioshi says, "and as for those we've talked about a code that would create temporary rooms. Still very netnative though. :) "

Kioshi says, "... tentative.. I can no spell."

Remi hehes

Thaylorn raises hand!

Rebecca says, "Go, Thaylorn!"

Thaylorn says, "May be a bit preemptive for a question like this, but is there going to be a crafting system of sort put in place? Or will weapons and armor be simply bought through an NPC of some sort."

Kioshi claps hands together and grins, "oh yes yes yes."

You say, "Heeeeeeeee."

Rebecca says, "Oh, most certainly, Thaylorn."

Kioshi steps asside for Rebecca..

Rebecca says, "Crafting and economy are interlinked with each other."

Blobbus > http://coimuck.com/wiki/index.php?title=Code_Updates

Blobbus says, "Currently, they're tentatively scheduled for post-release inclusion, but that may change, and they're definitely on the list."

Kioshi murmurs out the corner of her mouth at rebecca, "give a little brief explaination on it."

Rebecca says, "We're looking at PCs able to purchase rather average, sometimes crappy pieces of gear, but PCs will be able to create better than average and masterpiece gear items."

Rebecca says, "Items for crafting will be able to be both purchased, but will also need to be quested for as well."

Remi says, "Fun."

Rebecca says, "The purchased items will not always be available on the market depending on the Trade Caravans that are linked to Emberstrand. These caravans will be linked to the major cities of the world, and items can be seasonal, so plan ahead on those items."

Rebecca says, "Hope that explains things?"

Rebecca is typing mostly one handed as she's got a sleeping baby on her shoulder.

Remi nodnods.

Thaylorn thinks that's neat, having to quest for items.

Rebecca says, "It'll mostly be the items found on bounties."

Kioshi nodnods, "we're hoping to mix it up a bit :)

Rebecca says, "Any other questions?"

Kioshi says, "one of the things I'd like to note though"

Kioshi says, "crafting isn't going to be regulated to one group or another... Basically the ability to craft things will be accessed in jobs.. like an archer type might have the ability to create bows'n the like. You can see this on the jobs we have filled in currently"

Kioshi says, "anyways! Any other questions? :)"

Blobbus says, "I'd like to add that I've updated the Code Updates page again with a more specific list. Reordered a couple things, and moved "Character Editor Improvement" to its own seperate task rather that including it as part of a different one. http://coimuck.com/wiki/index.php?title=Code_Updates "

Blobbus says, "Plans havn't changed, just how it was listed."

Kioshi thumbs up to Blobbus

Blobbus says, "Anyways, more questions?"

Blobbus says, "Anyone?"

Blobbus says, "Also, a side note, if you notice any odd behavior out of programs, make sure you send me some form of mail about it. Page Mail, +mail, E-Mail ( blobbus@blobbus.com ), or directly to my face if I'm there, whatever works."

Mook says, "Unless it says to tell Mook, in which case, tell me."

Blobbus says, "Indeed."

Blobbus says, "Though if you do tell me and it's supposed to go to him, I'll pass it on."

Kioshi tosses a bag of greens at Mook.

Mook waaaark peckpeckpeckpeck.

Blobbus says, "In particular, if the +ic program drops you in the Bazaar Marketplace, and that's not the last IC room you were in, let me know."

Blobbus says, "That's pretty much the only bug report I've gotten on any of my programs, and the lack of bug reports worries me."

Rebecca says, "I wanted to thank you all for coming to Q & A tonight. I'll be posting the log to the wiki for everyone to read."

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