Q&A Log 08-26-2010 (Theme)

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Rebecca says, "Welcome to to the Q & A session. Tonight is Theme Question night."

Thaylorn freezes as spotlight comes on him, isn't escaping!

Rebecca says, "So, who has the first question?"

Kioshi ahems and behaves.

Minion POINTS! Not really in an accusing fashion, but there you are!

Legion says, "Noting, o'course, that this be Theme Q&A.  :3"

Legion says, "Bueller?"

Kioshi peers around quickly

Blobbus has arrived.

Thaylorn raises hand to try to start it!

Legion points, have at.

You say, "alright, Go Thay :D"

Minion drops onto Thaylorn's back and pretends to be a stylish animal backpack!

Mkay, so we know in most Final Fantasy games that there are all sorts of super monsters and what not, and usually the Mucks based off of them may include them, if there are any super beasties, for example WEAPONS, what sort of roll will they have with the theme, will they attack the city on occasion?

Thaylorn says, "What I mean by that is, is there going to be some sort of constant, higher threat that the players will have to deal with?"

Legion takes the first part of this. Ahem...

Legion says, "It's been our experience that monsters-of-the-week are good as seasoning, now and again, but a horribly steady diet. 90% of what we'll be wanting to do will go beyond 'Fight Monster X for Y amount of fame,' but there's going to be a place for it. Biggest example; the Hunter's Guild. All the Marks put up will be, like in FF12, having to do with either named monsters, or rare ones, or both, with greater amounts of prestige and bragging rights awarded to the Band that takes down the nastier monsters."

Ruy arrives from the OOC Nexus.

Ruy has arrived.

Ran arrives from the OOC Nexus.

Ran has arrived.

Ruy says, "FYI, Becca's comp is having technical difficulties, we'll try to get her back on ASAP."

Legion nods.

Kioshi thumbs up

Thaylorn nodnods, hand raises again.

Legion nods?

Thaylorn says, "This question is in regards to the original thirteen Espers, will all be making an appearance in some way? If so, will players be able to control/summon them?"

Silvante says, "The 13 Lucavi arae in the game, they are listed on Board 11. They are all currently "Imprisoned" and not avaliable to be summoned by PCs their "Deviant Childre" Lucavites will exist in the world and through them and certain plots/locations in the world. It might be possible to connect/commune with them. But they are evil wicked nasty things bent on destroying the world/toppling the natural order of things"

Silvante says, "Some of them /have/ reformed and are now spirits on the side of good. Mateus as an example. We have replaced 5 of them however so have a look at Board 11 and you should be able to see them all"

Thaylorn nods and takes a peek.

Ashur raises a hand next.

Game Drop Question Missed

Legion says, "Largely, it depends on the culture, and the means of anyone concerned with their well-being. Violent insanity, I'd assume, would be treated as any other violence to a Judge, richer folk would attempt to get treatment. For the nomadic tribes, illness of any sort would be tolerable only as long as it doesn't impinge survival."

Verde says, "Of you or others."

Legion says, "Mostly of others."

Minion ahems, "Anyone else? Seriously... fire away."

Thaylorn hrms.

Silvante says, "We are here to answer yor questions"

Ashur is thinking.

Kioshi chuckles and returns post bbq nomming.

Legion says, "Bueller?"

Verde says, "Bueller?

Verde says, "Ferris... Bueller?"

Ashur murmurs, "Can we hear more about the Mists in Theme?"

Ashur murmurs, "No really /specific/ question. Just a general overview"

Minion says, "Hokay...""

Ashur murmurs, " Where it came from, what if any patterns it holds, how cultures might view it.. Aside the Veria of course."

Ashur types gut.

Minion says, "Mist is magical energy occurring naturally in a built up state. The advantage to this is it's an energy source that can be drawn upon, but the disadvantage is that it can be a lot like radiation ala comic books. It doesn't affect Humes or most of the races in any credible way... and is responsible for the races known as Mist-Born for appearing on Ivalice. Mist obviously causes problems for the Viera, and can cause certain monsters to do anything from behave differently, to occasionally becoming something more powerful."

Minion says, "Most cultures look at Mist as what it is. It's THERE. Just like the Jagds. Which are the opposite of Mist. Instead of magical saturation, no magic functions... perios."

Legion says, "What it *is,* however, is basically Lifestream in aerosol form. When a person dies, their spirit generally goes to the Abyss, where they dream and decay until Mist is all that remains."

Minion says, "One thing that Mist does that makes it valuable for races to go inside is that over

Kioshi says, "unlike most of our previous experience with lifestream though it doesn't cause mutations."time, it will crystallize, and form magicite."

Malaine contemplates weaponized Mist. And has follow-up question.

Legion says, "Which was why the Folly created so much devastation; All the Mist stored in all the Magicite everywhere was released at once."

Ashur murmurs, "And so exposure to the mist, for any but Veira, does nothing unless one's a Monster?"

Minion says, "It more like beings closely attuned to nature."

Legion says, "Normally, no. Sufficiently high concentrations, of course, make 'every breath a wild magic,' but that's for insanely rare circumstances."

Minion says, "Monsters are closer to nature than most races. Viera also had a deep connection from their patron spirit. This is why the Mist affects them so." regardless of belief/spirit/deity watching over them is just... kinda abhorent to me O.o"

Legion says, "The reason most people fear to tread the Mists, is that it collects Fiends."

Kioshi grabs glue and starts pouring it over Ran.

Ran sighs :P

Kioshi nodnods, "do you have any theme questions, Ran?"

Legion looks about.

Kioshi looks at Legion and then smiles, "Alright... well I think that'll be all for the night

Kioshi says, "If you guys have more questions"

Legion nods! Thanks again, y'all, for showing up, and next week will be System again.

Kioshi says, "then next time we get together we can go over those and give them an answer :)"

Kioshi slinks back to player nexus

Legion says, "Thanks again!"