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Rin's story begins with his family. His mother and father were Mithra merchants who often traveled to Embersand but never stayed more than long enough to unload their goods from an airship and get their payment. He never cared for this life really, and their airship was rarely targeted by pirates and most kept their distance over all. It wasn't till one day in his teen years when their airship mysteriously lost it's engines that Rin got to spend a significant amount of time with his feet on the ground. The airship managed a crash landing, but the engineer pronounced it's engines completely dead, the ship would need to be abandoned and swiftly as fiends were closing in on the wreck like vultures to a dead beast. Rin's parents packed what they could onto a wagon to move when the first of the fiends got brave enough to attack.

The guards and crew of the airship faught to keep the beasts back and plow a way onward to Embersand while the passengers ran, and Rin saw one of the guards fall to the claws of an armored beast. The creature tore into the guard while Rin's mind realized there was nothing between the passengers and the fiends on that side after that guard died. Rin made his mind up right there, if he didn't do something his parents and the others would be dead for sure, so he ran forward, grabbed the fallen guard's sword and plunged it into a chink in the armored fiend's hide. It fell, howling in pain and he pulled the old worn sword free and faught hard, he didn't kill many of the fiends but he bought time for the other guards and the crew to form up and drag the injured guard back. When the fiends finally relented into the mist and the caravan was safe, Rin passed out on the spot from exertion. He awoke in a healer's home in Embersand, and the crew thanked him for saving their compatriot, as well as complemented his fighting skill for his age. The injured guard even gave Rin his sword by way of thanking him for his courage. His parents, were, understandably less thrilled. They tried to talk Rin out of staying in Embersand to learn how to be a proper fighter but the young man would have nothing of it. For the first time he'd felt like he finally had a real purpose and calling. The fiends of the wilds would never stop attacking people, and someone had to be willing to put their life on the line to help. To that end he's been trying to enroll in the La Verdadera Destreza Fencing School, though without the support of his parents and little funds to go on, this will be difficult no doubt.

Personality: Rin is a fairly upbeat young man, very cheerful and always willing to lend a helping hand even with something out of his general scope, assuming he wouldn't make the situation worse. He's not the smartest young man, but he does try to be observant about his situation and polite wherever he can. He takes criticism well, but occasionally has trouble acting on it, and he can be a rather stubborn boy, especially when it comes to his personal word and honor. Rin prefers to fight fiends over people though, not that he'd hesitate to defend himself if he had to, but he prefers being a protector, and would rather make a person surrender rather than kill them if possible

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