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Russell Phoenix

  • Personality

Russell's personality is heavily type-B. He's quiet, reserved, and aloof most of the time. He's intelligent, almost to a fault in that he sees others who give into moral vices or adventure for the sake of it, as a nuisance. He's not openly hostile, but prefers to avoid such things. He can be a caring compassionate sort, once someone has gained his trust, it's just that said trust is hard to gain.

  • Background

Russell was born in a little village a few days walk north of Emberstand. While he was growing up, the vulpine met the local clock maker, and began his lifelong affair with mechanics and engineering. He studied with everyone he could find in town after his normal schooldays and chores where done Before long he'd outdone most of the village folk, and decided to go south to the bigger city to learn his trade in a formal education setting. He specialized in Airships, but has quickly found that Moogles dominate the field, making his studies quite difficult, at best.

The Arctic Fox isn't a very social time, preferring to stop and watch over take part in the action. Despite this, he's been in a few adventures over the years, and talks of those risky or exciting times with great pride. He's recently begun a private quest to build his own flying machine. Though it's mostly a flight of fancy, as he lacks funding for any sort of airborne contraption, much less the serious research needed to create one.

  • Reputation

He's not known for anything, though known by almost anyone. He avoids notoriety like the plague, good or ill, preferring to stay in the shadows, and clap as the foolish walk by.

Russell's Character Sheet

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