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Sakimi Suneater is a Sanuye from the desert wastelands to the east, a member of the Sunrise tribe. His family got the name Suneaters from an ancient legend depicting his ancestor. One evening, the Tribe began The Song, but it wasn't long before the sun began its rise. Sakimi's ancestor was a mighty warrior, so that even the world feared his prowess. When Sun came, the warrior king swallowed it whole, allowing The Song to continue playing until he was satisfied.

All Sanuye must provide something to prove the honor and respect of their family, and Sakimi has chosen to enter the world of the Short-Lived, to learn their languages and customs, and return to his family and Tribe with knowledge never yet earned or needed. He also comes to assess the growing threat of the Short-Lived, who stay put but constantly grow, ever encroaching on the wandering tribes of his people.

Sakimi's Character Sheet

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