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Believe it or not, this man was not originally called Sebastion, nor was he a mere sword-for-hire. Sebastion's life began as an heir to a fortune of a noble military family in Archades, destined to become a leader and a powerful warrior, groomed and raised for war. His life revolved around this idea; he was a tool for war, his job was to enforce the will of Archadian influence, to be their sword when the time came to fight and to lead others with similar ideals, to die if he must. He was loyal to his country, and actually quite idealistic.

Unfortunately, the politics in Archades would ruin this entirely. His naivety was destroyed when he came home to find his family had be slaughtered in a surprise attack by so-called 'spies,' instead agents of a council member who saw his family as getting too powerful and needing... culling. Getting lucky, Sebastion found the one who led the assault, and killed him, his sight red with cold fury. After this, he found himself with an unfortunate problem. He had just killed an influential figure, and had no way to prove that this figure had committed the crime.

Something happened that day. Perhaps it was the blood running down his sword, but that was the day he found a new purpose. He was no longer an agent of Archades, the country he now wanted to see burned to the ground for the corruption he was subjected to. Now, Sebastion follows a much darker force, a force that guides him on his shaky path, a patron he believes will help him bring his enemies to their knees.

A Lucavian, an agent of those primordial spirits that rebelled against the current hierarchy, Sebastion follows the corrupting words of Chaos himself, and pray for anyone who truly gets in his way.

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